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  1. I haven't heard a ton about how much Obama loves eating steak, therefore I can only assume that he's actually a vegetarian, I mean he doesn't exactly look like a red blooded meat eater does he?
  2. I like never post here anymore, but i'm in the 6-nations gambol, just wanted to say hi!
  3. And there it is again!...you are assuming that most angry (lets call it passionate) folks have no knowledge of the facts or have not read the bill or are reacting solely because they only heard Rush's take on it . But the reason they are angry because they HAVE read the bill and/or good portions of it, yet know they might not have any choice but to live with it. It's like being held down and told something you do not want to happen is going to happen whether you like it or not. Result??? ANGER! the anger of not having much of a say in how it turns out, and that their voices are not being heard
  4. Again, good job not making yourself look intellectually inferior.
  5. Consider that large firms spend ten times as much on lobbying as their employees spend on campaign contributions through PACs, as individuals, or in the form of unregulated contributions to political parties (i.e., soft money). I mention employee contributions because, contrary to the sloppy reporting that appears regularly in U.S. newspapers, corporations in the United States do not contribute to political campaigns: they are prohibited from doing so and have been so prohibited since 1907. When you read that Enron has given X million dollars to candidates, what that really means is that peopl
  6. That's exactly the kind of ideologically based un-objective logic that makes liberals think they're inttelectually superior.It's pretty hard to respect someone's opinion on a incredibly complex subject when they blatantly show that they have no knowledge or regard for the facts and that their opinion is based solely on some warped right wing mantra of government being 100% bad. There are reasons and arguments to oppose Obama's plan, but not many people seem to give a **** about them. Instead, they make up their opinion on his proposals beforehand then try and twist the facts (or, more aptly, c
  7. Here's the reality: there are racists in both parties. But, there are a lot more of them in the Democratic Party and there always have been. But ironically, Democrats have managed to use the GOP's belief in a colorblind America against us. Because so many Democrats have no problem with using racial discrimination for political purposes, they'll support policies like reparations, Affirmative Action, and racial quotas that Republicans simply won't. Then they deftly distort and exploit incidents like the Katrina rescue efforts and Bill Bennett's condemnation of the idea that black babies could be
  8. I don't think i've agreed with a Henry post more.I'm not sure if it's good politics or not, whether calling stuff death panels actually aids their electoral cause, but it seems to me like another example of the Republican party not being able to find their own right hand and falling back to the '**** it lets just over exaggerate everything and appeal to our base' strategy. I know that there are a ton of non-Republican voters that will/are swayed by this stuff, who believe the pure bile that they spew some times. Surely there is a much bigger % of the population that could be convinced by sensi
  9. Where in lies the art of compromise. 'My' side will allow 'your' side to have something you want in the bill, but we think that this is a pretty fair compromise to make. 2. Haha, yes it is, i'm not entirely sure why I wrote that3. I would say that there are going to be a lot of complicated issues that would come about if this was agreed to, issues that should be dealt with at a later date and not detract from the main issue, though I agree that they're important. As I see it, 3 is a crucial part of the bill. One of the problems with the health insurance market is that of adverse selection; in
  10. As an aside, he could actually have got his voice simulator accent changed years ago, he just decided not to as it has become so iconic.
  11. What about this proposal - 'We' want everyone to have health coverage, 'you' don't want to ration healthcare or get government involved.How about - 1. The government provides no public option2. All insurance plans are provided by private insurers3. HOWEVER, because we think it's correct that everyone should have health coverage, insurers are not allowed to reject people with pre-existing conditions etc. The cost of these people will just have to be borne with higher premiums for all4. For those who cannot afford it, the government shall provide subsidies for basic healthcare insurance5. Everyo
  12. Just in case anyone missed the joke in my OP, Stephen Hawking is actually a British citizen and has lived here his whole life. It's pretty amazing that he's still alive right now considering he never had a chance to begin with.
  13. No, it's not. I believe the actual number is like 45 million but obviously that can be very misleading either way. My whole point is that there are a multitude of variables to consider when determining what the 'best' healthcare system is, and a lot of those variables are a matter of personal philosophy and opinion. Philosophy and opinion which can't be 'proven' with numbers.
  14. The concept of 'best' healthcare in the world is a pretty intangible concept, which is why the WHO hasn't updated their rankings since 2000 (or at least not that i've seen). No one can really agree on what the 'best' healthcare system would entail and therefore you can't really create rankings for it. The USA may have the best doctors in the world, but is that worth the fact 30 million Americans don't have health insurance? (Don't quote me on that number, it's irrelevant to my point). To some people, it is, to others, it definitely isn't.
  15. Yes, but my paragraph doesn't have the same effect when I say 'we never would have heard about hawking radiation'. Silicon Valley presumably
  16. You think driving while black should be a searchable offence? wtf are you talking about? pulling someone over for the sole reason that they are black in a white neighbourhood is one of the most retarded things I can think of
  17. She's been through a lot of personal trauma hasn't she
  18. Looool, is it really that difficult to say politely 'I'm not my husband so I can't say' and smile? Especially when you're speaking at a press conference in Africa where it's likely that the students don't really follow American politics that much.
  19. http://www.ibdeditorials.com/IBDArticles.a...333933006516877I must admit, after reading this article, I am now fully against socialised medicine. I didn't know it, but apparently my country is killing off old people like Hitler killed of the Jews.Among the many numerous good points brought up by this article, i was most hit by the fact that if it wasn't for American non-socialised medicine, Stephen Hawking wouldn't have had a chance. Just think, if Stephen hawking was British, he would have been killed off by our evil healthcare system and we never would have heard of the Big Bang.
  20. I think the article is confusing cause and effect in Japan and reaching the wrong conclusions over the prospects for the US economy. It's a fallacy to link aggressive monetary policy > Japan's lost decade. IMO, every economic situation is different and even though many have simmilarities, you cannot make such board assumptions and generalisations ('Japan became indebted, we're becoming indebted, therefore, we are Japan) because there are so so many other factors to take into account. I think he's confusing cause and effect by proclaiming that aggressive monetary policy caused the situation
  21. Which, going back to an argument me and Henry had a while ago, is why inflation is not just a 2 variable measure of the amount of money in circulation V the amount of goods and services produced. From someone who obviously reads/believes a lot of monetarist ideas (or maybe it just seems that way via your belief in the Austrian school) it's surprising that you've either never come across MV=PQ or chose to ignore it at any rate.
  22. There is a story about Olof Palme, the Swedish Prime Minister, going to see Ronald Reagan in America in the 1980s. Before he arrived Ronald Reagan said -- and he was the Swedish Social Democratic Prime Minister -- "Isn’t this man a communist?" The reply was, "No, Mr President, he’s an anti-communist." And Ronald Reagan said, "I don’t care what kind of communist he is!" Ronald Reagan asked Olof Palme, the Social Democratic Prime Minister of Sweden, "Well, what do you believe in? Do you want to abolish the rich?" He said, "No, I want to abolish the poor." Our responsibility is to let everyone h
  23. I originally typed regean then thought it sounded dumb and opted for the simpler Regan
  24. Ahh for some reason I thought there was a RPI for the USA too, after some googling there appears not to be one so yeah, CPI is fine with me.
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