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  1. What category does trying to support a child by grinding micro MTTs fall under on the social skills/responsibility spectrum? Have you fully recovered from the loss of poker yet?
  2. How have you ****ing dolts not figured out why shoving the turn is best by now. It's been a year and 3 months!
  3. lol you are by no means in danger with 50k at 600/1200 even. gl.
  4. I've never really liked Rachel, she is pretty much unbearable and she probably holds the all-time record for saying "floater" on the show (it's basically a buzzword, doubt she has any idea what it actually means). I love Jeff & Jordan, so they're probably at the top of my list. I'm also pulling pretty hard for Dominic and Danielle, though.
  5. She looks like Olivia Wilde. I'm actually enjoying this season quite a lot (far more than last season for sure although I miss Britney )
  6. I didn't actually make the thread BRO.
  7. ****, you're right. It is Mercury! He (likely intentionally) slipped my mind.
  8. I've never used the term and I think it's kinda stupid. I guess some people are just bitter! I'll say 3 or 4 years (such expectations though!) NLHE because it's the only thing I have a semblance of a clue in HU. Maybe I'd run really good or something. This is a tough one! I'd like to give it to so many people but the first name that springs to mind is dabetka so him I suppose.
  9. The silly hat is pretty ****ing awesome, so I'll go with that.
  10. gg AA versus AA!Feel free to ask more questions about any topic!
  11. I don't like folding so sure! I actually lost the 3rd in a row at Hard Rock (double elim, didn't get my card picked once...2% chance of me losing all of those!) but managed to win one today somehow. Not anywhere close to the other bills tho.
  12. That would be silly. I'm going to school! I couldn't tell you what I plan on doing and I have exactly zero motivation but there's that. Impossible question! Possible question! The OP, easily. D4L, fk negs. ( ) Rose everytime!
  13. Hmm, I don't really know what to say here. From that bio until Black Friday I didn't do much of note (grinding college and also not winning anything!), and I'd argue that my career in poker is nonexistent at the moment due to Black Friday. I am hoping to venture as much into the live arena as I can in the coming months (Turning Stone in August, hopefully), but yeah. First part of your question is somewhat hard to answer since I jumped right into MTTs when I started poker and even to this day have only dabbled in cash. I guess my somewhat generic advice would be to get really comfortable wit
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