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  1. bump, this hand still haunts me, would like some more opinions from the new blood
  2. lol!yeah bro 2p2 and all its members totally deserved this
  3. that would be awful for the gamewhy do you care about the numbers being "deceptive"?they've still cashed for that much, who cares about interpreting how much they're up or down? and why should someone who is staked not be credited for the entire amount of their cashes?
  4. Oh...I was moreso wondering about the urgency but ok!
  5. You're already a valid member in my eyes!
  6. Daniel,I came across you while wandering the halls at the Rio last summer at about 3 AM. You looked at us and then darted into some hall. Why were you running?!
  8. The 4 mill guaranteed is for the whole series, not one tourney BROYou're WelcomeTylerAka skully92Aka TehtoesAka Tyler Kilgo
  9. I had Philip the last time I did this and that worked out ok. Gogogo Troy!
  10. I just wanted to say that I don't think you're smarmyAnd that I find it kind of incredible that there were 2 posts in the same minute on FCP in 2012.
  11. Man how are we going to get back to forum greatness now. Come back Dixie!Would've hurt less if you just made a silent exit
  12. Also, you might be the GOAT (or WOAT? not sure which is appropriate!) hypocrite. Get off your high horse, for one, and also stop pretending you have a clue about professional poker players or the poker community in general.
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