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  1. rigged for matusow to win it obvedit: i anticipate hellmuth minraising with KJos, getting re-raised by AQ and making some speech about how he's been setting everyone up at the table for days and they cant wait to give him their chips
  2. how/where do i set up the rebuy/auto top off options on stars?
  3. it doesn't get all the respect in the world because a lot of people will cbet regardless of what falls. that's why there is so much floating these days.
  4. best gimmick account. surprised "she's" been keeping it going for so long. best level evar!
  5. partypoker.com is going to be shaking the poker world in 5 days. WORLD! that includes the US! :D :qh :icon_clap:/end wishful thinking
  6. I would suck a fart straight out of her ass like a bong hit.
  7. turnover on downs atlanta.....now it's over.
  8. new england wins and covers the spread!5 for 5atlanta losing to tampa bay 17-9...
  9. arizona wins & covers spread!4 for 4new england is winning by 9 with 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter!atlanta needs to score asap in order to cover spread!
  10. out of my 2nd 4.40 when K6 >> AA LOLOLOLOLOL1 left
  11. out of the 200k JJ < QQ aipf only had about 10BB so i 3bet all in :closedeyes:still going strong in 2 of the 3 4.40's though
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