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  1. Welcome to the forums! I just started here as well but so far these guys/gals seem pretty cool!
  2. One of my favorites DN sitting in an omaha tourny on PS is asked by a railer "What is your strategy for Omaha hi/low?" DN replies "My friend Phil Ivey once told me to never fold"
  3. I have tomorrow off so I will check it out. The pics on my myspace were taken when I was waitressing at one of the PT's family clubs. I worked for PT's clubs for almost 11 years before finally saying done. There are only 3 places to go in PT's you start as a waitress, move to dancer, back to waitress and move to bartender. Not alot of room for upward mobility. Interesting world to be in to say the least though. Thanks for the warm welcome from everyone that posted. I am really excited to be here!
  4. Yeah StinkyFishPoker.com just another poker site I ran across one day and they have a smaller population so the playing is a bit different. Haven't made a deposit there but when I run out of patience on FT or PS I head there or Ultimate bet and play free rolls.Oh and Vtlax and Bull didnt mean to leave you out! Thank you
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome!XtraCey glad to add to the (hopefully) growing female pop on this forum and nice to see another woman that spends her free time on the felts!Snamuh yeah been waiting for Darkfall for 6 years to come out now, they have had backers back out, designers quit and just major problems but now they are finally FINALLY getting ready for Beta. I played Diablo, D2, WoW but nothing held me as spellbound as UO has, cept CS. Fargo lets start with just poker umkay!TB17 sorry but my instructions for Canada for the next 30 years is Freeze CanadaVeener that is why I have a Myspace LO
  6. Watching Daniel N. playing an omaha tourney on PS Railer asks "Whats your strategy for playing Omaha?" DN says "My friend Phil Ivey told me once never fold"
  7. Hey! Didn't see a topic to introduce myself so I figure I will make my own post. My name is Winter (kinda knew that when you saw who wrote the post right) nice to meet ya'll. I have been reading your forums for a couple of weeks now and finally decided hey I want to try to be a part of this community and registered. I am a big fan of Hold'em thats my favorite game. I play mostly tournaments, don't care as much for ring games. I like the feeling of knocking someone out and them actually being out. Earned my nickname (Winter) years ago, was kinda a cold hearted b**** comment that I flipped to my
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