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  1. Rob Deer is the first and only I thought of when I saw this. Great mustache, classic all or nothing. He either struck out, walked or hit a HR in the highest percentage of plate appearances in major league history. The Three True Outcomes:Homerun-where we wield our almighty stickStrikeout-where we refuse to compromiseWalk-to balance the universeI'm paraphrasing since the Rob Deer fan club page is no longer available
  2. HISo its 5 AM and we're doing our 17th 911 call of the shift and 4th in a back-to-back-to-back-back. Haven't slept yet and I'm obviously crabby. The call is for abdominal pain. HAHA. I hate abdominal pain calls. Whiny bitches. We get to the house in the heart of the ghetto. She obviously lives on the 2nd floor. The living room is decorated wonderfully with 4 dirty twin mattresses on the floor and 5 kids sleeping on them. And that is it. No lights, no TV no nothing. The kitchen has empty liquor bottles positioned as trophies. NO food notes anywhere. I didn't peek in the fridge but I can guarant
  3. Hi there JoeyJoJo! Yes in my brief posting spree last summer you were on one of your many hiatuses, hiatusii? I don't know the plural version. But I was a large fan of you in my lurking days. I have many PM's of people telling me they know who I really am which was weird until I figured out they thought I was you which was an enormous boost for my sad ego.So I got a hand job the other night from my girl. I have always hated them. I remember reading TB's Valentines story many moons ago that ended in the disappointment of a hand job. She must take classes or something because somehow she managed
  4. Yeah plus the powerful feeling you have over her from planting your seed inside her
  5. This right here. Women love attention. Sounds like that's what she gets from you. You gotta make a real move and put the pressure on her. Otherwise you'll get stuck in this pseudo-relationship til she finds someone who excites her.
  6. I just fake the second one. Makes everything easier. Women don't understand the difficulties we have. It usually shuts her up and puts her to sleep. Oh and condoms? That's just silly talk!
  7. Aaaand, its a very confusing double negative on top of it!
  8. Ouch (not you). You win round 1 Jonathan.
  9. Thats one of those shows that I've probably watched 5 times in my life but I laughed EVERY TIME I WATCHED IT.I'm sorry for your loss. In these times we can only turn to the things that bring us joy. Friends, family, hostess cupcakes. Whatever gets us through. I'm retarded.
  10. Your welcome!My most aggravating call. I had done ride along time 2 hours away the day before. I woke up at 4AM and did 17 hours of time for free. Drove back 2 haours and got home a little after 2AM. Woke up at 530 to go to work. Ran calls pretty much all day without a break. Finally laid down a little after midnight to hopefully sleep through the night because I had class in the morning for 8 hours that i had to go straight from work to. At 3 AM we get a call. The guy says he has a headache and he's had it for 6 days now. I ask what made it worse that he called 911. He said its not worse I'm
  11. Hi John. I know you. Oh yes I know you. And I love Field of Dreams.
  12. I am woefully behind on Curb Your Enthusiasm so the comparisons will have to wait till I catch up on that show.My favorite story so far. We got called to a crack house apartment building for back pain. We get there and the police are already there. They're shouting to someone through a window. He's screaming that he cant get out of his room. The police are laughing their asses off. The police in this zone care about nothing as long as no ones killing anyone. We go to the apartment door because the police didn't know he had called 911. We get to the door and knock and he says the door wont open
  13. All Jews are born with AIDS so no big surprise there. But you, YOU I missed. Don't think I've changed I still hate women. I'm just forced to live with one now.
  14. I finished school! Officially a paramedic now. It was a long year. I've been working the last 6 months as an EMT in Milwaukee as I finished school. My services zone is the ghetto area of the city. Boy do I hate BLACK PEOPLE now! 911 abuse is so gross. On the plus side MANY PLUS-SIZE African American women tell me I'm cute. My chest is nothing like it was imagine what they'll think when I get back into shape! I live with my girlfriend. All issues are in the past. We've been happy for almost 10 months now. The Brewers suck and that hurts me bad. Brett Favre has become a clown and I hate him. Its
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