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  1. Obviously it was rigged to set up the real money spinning tie; Olympiakos v Bordeaux!Seriously though, sexy draw with lots of potential for good games, but I'd say the 3 English, 3 Spanish, Bayern and Bordeaux will make up the QFs.
  2. I don't recall us agreeing to run it every month, even for the $5. I pulled out after September, because, well I suck. But if we did agree to do every month I will ship to October's winner (Dink?). Probably via Silky again if that's OK.
  3. Silky has kindly acted as a transfer for me.
  4. Toughie. My early Premiership knowledge isn't great but I'd be guessing at guys like;Carbone - Wednesday?Zola? But that seems obvious.
  5. And squash still doesn't get a look in. Sigh.Football, golf, tennis shouldn't be in imo. But they do have the benefit of attracting some athletes with serious star power. Nadal and Federer (with Wawrinka) winning gold medals did legitamise tennis in the sense that it shows the top players care about winning it.The footballers don't look like they care either way so it will be interesting to see how the golfers approach it. Making it an amatuer tournament could work later down the line but get the big names in for this one and see how it goes.
  6. Will ship to DinkDonk ASAP. But not in for October.
  7. Not for much longer. Muhahahahahahaha!From uefa.com
  8. Cleveland Cavaliers - It has to happen some time.NY Yankees - they're due. Surely?NE Patriots - I know squat about NFL except these guys are good.San Jose Sharks - I'm a fan. A delusional, stupid fan.I love how hard American sports are to predict. Although there are some legendary teams and dominant spells for the most part the top teams are very close to each other and each championship is tough to call.
  9. Another quiet night for Interpol. Goal for Kaka. Nothing much else to report. Took out my Bayern guys as they were playing Juve. Obviously they keep a clean sheet. Sigh.Going to have to re-evaluate the team.
  10. Goal for Cap'n Messi! And clean sheet for Abidal Apparently Inter were under the cosh in Russia so hopefully Cesar made a lot of saves.Other than that it was a quiet night for my boys.
  11. Ask and ye shall receive. Sick sub sir.Edit: Jesus, 4 now.
  12. Who is PistolC's Dream XI? Are they in the $5 pool?
  13. Just think how bad you'll feel if Jones scores...
  14. Just post them as a comment on the article.
  15. Solid. Now you have a foreigner to score no points for you.
  16. Just checked how I was doing in Scotland (263/3055). They guy who is #1 had Ronaldo ©, Raul, Luis Fabiano and Grafite. He needs to diagf.
  17. This is probably how Maradona picks his team. Puts all the Argentinians in the competition in his team and picks the guys with the highest scores. Or just runs Football Manager and sees who does well before each game. Actually if he did do that he couldn't do much worse. Imagine a WC without Argentina, that'd be weird...And Venezula is 3rd in terms of managers! That well known football hotbed!
  18. Check out the best countries list. Not exactly what I would have expected... Bloody Germans are right up there though, of course they are.
  19. You might want to check that again...Misclick selection ftl?
  20. Enough to put you above me though! 61 points by my count. But boy that is one stinking bench.Rinswun is top with 65.Lol silky's team got 38 points despite his captain not playing. Also, a lot of people have Luis Fabiano!
  21. And of all the games to finish 0-0... Bloody typical. Still clean sheet for Abidal so that's a bonus.Anybody have any goalscorers tonight? There weren't many that jumped out at me as players anyone would have picked. Luis Fabiano maybe...
  22. No, because the fans were behind Main's goal making jokes about the man's alcoholic father. He didn't run the length of the pitch to get in their face. He only needed to turn around, in that case the fans were 100% wrong and if he had reacted it would have been fine (imo). Although he probably would have been punished by the SFA. Again, a City academy kid isn't going to be abused by Arsenal fans for the reasons Adebayor was. Ex player, making comments about his former employers. So I think it's a moot point. If he was being abused racially then he would have a case.Also, if Adebayor wants to c
  23. Only in an ideal world unfortunately.What about the referees? They get 3x the abuse of the players get as they are getting from both sets of fans and the players/team staff! And they get paid peanuts but it's part of the job so they get on with it. Why can't the millionaire playboys?If I were a professional footballer I'd take all the abuse they can give me, it's quite endearing to see a player take abuse in good humour. I remember Alan Main (former St Johnstone keeper) having to hear "Alan Main, alky dad!" being chanted for 90 minutes and he just turned and gave a "drink up gesture" then made
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