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  1. I almost didn't come in. I'm trying to build my sick time. I put my alarm all the way on the other side of the room. Just so I can't jump right back into bed.
  2. I hate Ugg Boots, religion, blowing your nose in public, babies on planes, wet floors, ignorant people, reality shows, basketball, political corruption, the death of Darth Maul, not using your turn signals, and dirty households/cars.
  3. They wouldn't happen to be coming to Boston anytime soon would they? Boston is pretty much one big college campus. I don't think there is anywhere in this city where you're not on some school campus grounds. I've been hitting these abs hard, anticipating for a moment like this :-p
  4. Choose an offense. Who would you choose to be on your offence? QB, RB, TE, and (4) WRsQB: Tom BradyRB: Adrian PetersonTE: Alge CrumplerWR: Randy MossWR: Andre JohnsonWR: Larry FitzgeraldWR: Wes Welker
  5. If he does, that's something special. Imagine going from grocery stock boy to a Hall of Fame QB. Talk about a drastic change in a career.
  6. Oh man, burned. Seems I now have a mortal enemy I know that you really don't mean all of those hatefully words. Even if you did, it's okay. New England shall prevail.
  7. The last movie I saw in a movie theater was '300'. I usually watch movies I rent from Netflix. Last movie I watched was 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'. It was an alrigh movie. Could have been better IMO.
  8. He should have been suspended for the season without pay. Premadonna millionare child. He needs to cut his hair and grow up. I'd love to get paid 20 million over a summer.
  9. I'm going with Zach Greinke. Low ERA, high strike outs. I just watched him pitch against the Red Sox this week, and he's a beast! Boston doesn't have a chump line-up either. But he made them look foolish.
  10. I love this bit from George Carlin. I myself was raised Catholic. But once I grew up and gained conscience enough to think for myself, I threw religion out the window. I do not believe in it. When you think about it, religion plays a pretty large part in dividing our race and causing war. I also think that it's needed just to keep people in check (through fear and hope). Anyways, George Carlin hit this right on the head for me.
  11. Of the 4 major sports. Who do you predict to win their championship? Basketball (NBA), Football (NFL), Hockey (NHL), and Baseball (MLB). I'm q Boston guy, so I'm gonna have to go with my home teams: Celtics, Patriots, Bruins, and Red Sox.
  12. At the end of my shift I play. Usually for an hour or less. Small money though, nickels and dimes. Although as of late we've been throwing bills into the pot. This is during work with my co-workers and supervisors.
  13. I'm interested. Is it too late to get in on the action. The seasons already two games in. This sounds like "Beat the Streak" from MLB.
  14. Best thing is to do cardio on its own day. But if you lift and do cardio on the same day, I suggest to do the lifting first. Reason being, if you do your cardio first thing, you wont have as much energy for lifting. All depends on what your goals are.
  15. We have Texas Hold 'Em, Omaha, Five Card Draw, Seven Card Stud, and Caribbean Stud. I love playing Hold 'Em in casinos. But when I'm with friends, its usually Five Card Draw. Can't beat old school. B)
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