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  1. I asked the guy who runs pokerinreno and he told me that there is ZERO 7 Stud spread in Reno/Tahoe. There are 2 mid-sized tourneys coming up in Reno before the WSOP. One of them has a HORSE game, the other is 100% hold em.
  2. I am looking for the same thing! I can't play online since it is a felony in WA state. I can't find 7 stud anywhere on the west coast! Granted I haven't looked everywhere. Does anyone know of a regular 7 stud game anywhere in the Western U.S.? I need to get my chops up for the WSOP.
  3. I can think of 2 good reasons for this and about 63 horrible ones! My wife and I were going to play in the main even this year but I just switched my reservations to play in earlier events instead. It is just principle to me! This supposed to be good for poker?? Poker is already good! I am very upset about this. I hope it blows up in their faces and it ends up back at Binions in 2009.
  4. I love playing at the Cal Neva in Reno. It is a s**t Hole but it is full of old men that have been passing the same money to each other for 30 years. One thing they hate is for someone to come in and be aggresive in their "home game". Plust the drinks are quick if you tip even $1. The cocktail gals are as old as the players and so is the paint on the walls. Last time I was through there they didn't allow smoking in there anymore....which sucks because I am a smoker (trying to quit) but the rail isn't far away. I love the Cal Neva and everytime I go to Reno I stop in their poker room for a quic
  5. Count yourselves as lucky, in 5 days on June 7th playing poker online in my state becomes a class "C" felony......the same as having child porn and tourturing animals. God bless America....I am so happy to be free . It won't stop my wife and I from playing...but it makes me so frekin' mad that the "authorities" can come and take my child from me because I played a 6 person sit and go. I don't really understand when we became employees of the government and not the other way around.......it's about time that we took this country back over.......oh wait....they will shoot us if we try to uphol
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