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  1. I am surprised this hasn't come up because if anybody (or nobody) knows politics it is "The Onion": The Onion Book Of Known Knowledge: A Definitive Encyclopaedia Of Existing Information I am a bigger fan of figuring out my opinion through the rhetoric by ignoring other people's opinions and just getting a laugh out of the general un-accountability of politics itself so I would recommend the comedic side like: may vary in store. America Again: Re-becoming The Greatness We Never Weren't (you get retro glasses the kids will even enjoy) But you really need to know whi
  2. The hit from Malkin doesn't even look like it would cause this type of damage but that is what happens when it isn't the first concussion. That massive stick was valuable.
  3. Is there no Calgary Stinkin' Flames thread that I can say... "Booo Hooo" in?Guess I will settle for text abuse.I love it when the Flames suck! w00000000t!!!!
  4. One of the key ways for me to lose the 40+ lbs over the few months that I did was paying attention to the GI (Glycemic Index) of the foods I was eating. The GI involves the study of how 'quickly' the carbs are moved from your belly to your blood and is important because the old belief was that all carbs of the same type were digested the same. Not so. The great thing about this is that even though something (like Rye over Wheat bread) has more carbs it won't result in a spike in blood sugar because it is digested slower.It was surprising how this slight change in food choices (more beans an
  5. Sounds like the epitomy of "When life hands you lemons make lemonade.". My lifestyle change was medically motivated as well and I am glad you are doing well (and leading the competition).You should take advantage of those great Calgary paths as I remember them all over the place. It is finally looking like golf season out here in Ontario and I am salivating to get out there and play Whack-f$%k!
  6. 30 minutes total for a first run may beat you up but a great way to work into the running depending on your fitness is to run/walk intervals. For example if you never ever ran before I would recommend 1 minute run/jog, then 1 minute walk and then back to 1 minute run/jog. Do that for 20 minutes and you should have gotten a good workout. If that is not enough as it won't be for many people that are used to the running, increase the run/jog interval by a minute each outing. The key is not to quit early becuase too much work or because of joint pain so sometimes it is better to start with 1/1
  7. Great topic.I find my big mistake is I have two speeds. Passive or Aggressive and I get stuck playing in either for an entire session which leads to frustration due to not being able to change gears (my own worst enemy). I also have a tough time taking my online playing style to a live table because here in Toronto having to drive a couple hours keeps me out of live play more.
  8. GG Serge.At least you made working late interesting. Had PS on in the background.
  9. I would like to see what they say as well. Please update if you hear back Lucoo_.
  10. Man, I thought for sure that week would knock out one but no luck there. Next week should be interesting.
  11. It is always fun because my wife's family is from Ottawa so we usually get a good turnout and it leads to some great times. I may have to write off Friday though. I love that they don't use Ticketmaster as well.
  12. Nicccceeee. Hopefully it's a good game. I am going to try and get Canucks tickets for Feb 4th.
  13. If it makes you feel any better during his WSOP on ESPN interview he said he feels bad and somewhat responsible as he was there for it all. I still don't want him to win but Cada or Ivey would be good for me.
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