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  1. i think there is a lot of good that can come from it. i dont think the GOP is on board anyway. plus they have little to no power. this doesnt have to happen right now, but it needs to happen because it sets a dangerous precedent if we let our own admitted war criminals get away.
  2. how is going after admitted war criminals idiocy? do you support our use of torture? do you support high officials being considered above the law? do you not have any backup to anything that you say?
  3. third time is not a charm for you and making sense. the least you could do is come up with your own insults though, instead of just copying parts of my posts word for word and saying them back to me.
  4. obama needs to go after bush and cheney. they need to be tried as war criminals along with donald rums. now that it has been confirmed that they supported and encouraged the use of blatant torture, breaking every international law and the geneva conventions. i wont be happy with obama unless he makes this happen.
  5. i dont even know what the **** youre talking about. thats not what i was arguing at all. when the hell did i say anything about a panel? stop taking other peoples words and applying them to me, and stop taking my words, changing them around in your twisted head, and spitting them back out. you have serious reading comprehension problems. do me a favor: go to your local elementary school, enroll for next semester, and tell them you need to start at the beginning.
  6. you clearly dont know what it means. no president has acknowledged non believers before. this is the beginning of a trend toward the future where humanity has moved beyond religion. im also glad obama mentioned science and technology, two more things that i know you hate (but only when they dont help you).
  7. lol at the anti-obamas. the speech was totally fine, get a life. how could you possibly have such a problem with it? and the fact that he acknowledged that there are non believers in this country made my day.
  8. not relevant in the context of what you and i said. as always, you change the subject of the argument in order to try to make a point. plus not wearing a seatbelt can harm others indirectly (financially, in fact, it always does) or if you fly through your windshield into their car and i could make a case that that is morally wrong (especially since there is no solid definition of this) so you basically just suck at this.
  9. thank you for this worthless post. there is nothing stopping you from doing anything, except the consequences afterwards. there are laws against murdering but people still do it... i dont know why i bother pointing these obvious things out to you...
  10. i dont disagree with this, not completely at least. there is still the fact that more people will die if unforced to wear seatbelts. so you would agree to have a setup where people dont get the same medical coverage if they are fat? that sounds fine to me too.
  11. this is all you need to know really:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__JPiA48GRc
  12. the renaissance was the best album of 2008and fleet foxes are lame imo, i know everyone else is all about them though
  13. lol.i love how some of you treat the food options of children like its some fundamental freedom that our society is built on. keeping kids healthy is better for everyone. who the **** cares if they cant eat 5 snickers bars for dinner?why arnt all of you writing your congressmen about seat belts? why let some government tell you what you have to do in your own car? well, its because when some idiot crashes and goes through his windshield we all pay for it. its also not good for him. so we make them wear their seat belts despite the reduced freedom.
  14. this looks similar to my 'top ten albums by people with annoying voices' list. and the first 9 also seem to be the same as the first 9 for my 'top ten albums that suck and arnt the top of anything' list.
  15. actually he didnt fail because lois and others thought he was being serious
  16. you didnt even address anything he said. moron... why cant you debate something?
  17. looks like someone was a little ahead of his time
  18. id get at least a few copies of both
  19. i kinda want to read the road but it sounds depressing and im not sure how much more depression i can take. is it that bad?
  20. if you are on a mac, it could be the faulty headphone out connection they pawned off on me and thousands of other suckers
  21. ive never said give the government control of anything, simply that they, and people in general should be focusing more on better energy sources, so i dont know what point you are trying to make.
  22. http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/12/29/tennessee.sludge/index.htmlyay for coal! yay for efficiency!wait, is... it efficient to spill a billion gallons of sludge all over the place. hmm... i guess so. at least coal doesn't kill a few birds like wind mills do. yea, lets not lose faith in our bird friendly coal plants. after all it doesnt look like that sludge has reached the birds nests yet, its still got a few feet to go.
  23. thats weird. i used to work there. why would they name an album after that place
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