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  1. who are you replying to here? it couldn't be me. i don't even understand what you're going on about. i never thought online poker was pure. no serious people did, unfortunately for your wild story. anyone who plays poker online, which has been technically illegal for a while now, knows they are putting their money at risk. just losing players and weaklings in general who complain about this stuff.and it IS in the best (long term) interest of poker sites to be legit. but people don't always see or follow their best long term interest. the fact that there have been scams doesn't change anything.
  2. wow this gets worse and worse. i mean, what the hell are you talking about? and what is motivating this weird tirade about the poker world. people get away with all sorts of shit in every field. and many don't. and it has little to do with legality. but this is lost on you.and i don't get it, it's ok for people to get away with things as long as there are laws against it that aren't enforced? what a strange idea. as long as the laws are there? laws aren't there if they aren't enforced...a casino will kick out someone marking cards. poker sites have for the most part always done what they can t
  3. LOL lets see some old posts over the course of "years" with you "beating the drum" about brunson being a cheat. these rants about the corrupt nature of poker in general from you, scram, and sklansky are really hilarious. sounds like three losing players to me.
  4. so much for being able to see through the con. colleges are such good scams they're still working on you.
  5. pam pam pam pam pam...you are never going to get anywhere trying to argue economic or historical bullshit that no one can ever really prove cause there are too many details and vagaries to satisfy anyone. this is why libertarians are such failures despite being mostly right.if you want any chance of getting through to liberal tools like strategy and his professors who told him so, you need to focus on the immorality of an organization forcing a certain currency on 300 million people born into some area and then paying themselves to manipulate it. there are no historical interpretations or stat
  6. this is a common understatement. gold has immense value because of its unique properties, mentioned by Aristotle over 2000 years ago by the way, that make it perfect as a medium of exchange. you need to realize that something being perfect for a medium of exchange (doesn't corrode, scarce, homogeneous, malleable, ect) makes it hugely valuable to humans. its aesthetic and electrical purposes are added bonuses.we know that gold is in fact universally valuable to humans because its been in use as a medium of exchange and other things by every culture who could get it as far back as we can see. th
  7. i disagree. i think there are things that say "I'm a badass" more than tax evasion.
  8. we should not be using this event as a call for taxing, legislation, and control of online poker. if anything, it shows the ridiculousness of a bunch of rich old white men being able to run our private lives from afar. something should not be legal on the grounds that it makes these ruling elites more money to fuel their power addictions.i encourage all of you to NOT report any of your poker income. it legitimizes their tactics. have some self respect.
  9. art of the stealmy favorite doc recently. its on netflix instant. maybe just a tad too long, but most docs are. ETTGS was good
  10. oh man, iceman. so oldschool.
  11. nortonfan... what is this, 2005? get out of here! stop posting here. let's all just... stop posting here.
  12. then perhaps you can explain to me why all of their songs suck except rill rill (the one entirely based off a sample... hmm...).
  13. it was a nice speech. too bad the audience sounded like a bunch of college freshmans at a pep rally. did they know this was a memorial service? who had the idea to have this thing in a gym???
  14. by the way, enough people aren't complaining about this idiot sheriff who immediately started blaming right wing hate for this incident when really it seems like it was his incompetence. his police force did nothing about the future shooter despite several opportunities and they weren't the least bit worried about an insane guy despite the fact that everyone else was. and all this in an environment that should be ultra sensitive towards school shooting threats. this sheriff is a failure and the fact that he started making it into a political issue before even knowing what the **** happened is
  15. what? exactly your point? you don't have a point. what the hell are you talking about? suppose people just think its a bit interesting that this girl was born on 9/11/01. what does this have to do with objective journalism, dialog, or debate? how does mentioning that little fact prevent a rational response? why are you reading into this so much?
  16. season 5 was for the most part a disappointment. season 1 was the best thing ever and 2-4 are worth watching.more importantly, i just want to reiterate my awesomeness due to the fact that the actress who plays kima lives just down the street from me, and seeing her, and sometimes even other main actors from the show visiting her, is a relatively common and unremarkable occurrence among people in this immediate area.
  17. read this on some news cnn report about the shooting. quote from some guy in arizona displeased with the level of vitriol and hate:"We have become the mecca of prejudice and bigotry."incidentally, mecca, as a place which accepts no members of other races/religions, is actually the mecca of prejudice and bigotry.
  18. no i mean absolute value vs food and water too. watch some videos on youtube about people in zimbabwe right now mining for gold with their hands because their currency is worthless. thats no rich and developed society. they barely have food and water yet they still mine for gold and use it in trade. so just because there is not much material wealth in an area does not mean that gold is in any way devalued in real or absolute terms.
  19. south korea must have repealed dont ask dont tell long ago
  20. how does it lose money in an armageddon scenario? thats when it gains value the most. i think youre saying that only food and water will matter then, but there will always be a use for a placeholder of wealth, and in that case gold and other precious metals will be the only things accepted. people cant just carry huge stores of food and water around with them, so they need something like gold to transport and use to purchase real goods, even in an end of the world scenario. gold GAINS value the worse everything with fiat currencies becomes. just look at Zimbabwe right now. their currency is us
  21. we haven't 'culturally assigned' a value to gold. as if its just some random decision and we could have picked anything else. go read about the history of gold and other precious metals and drop the fashionable post-modernist interpretations. gold is a physical object that was specially suited for coining in the beginning and its value continues to be based on its objective physical properties and scarcity. other similar substances like silver are also similarly valuable. this is not a coincidence.this is also the reason that gold is stable and safe, and measuring it in terms of dollars at any
  22. provided that our justice system works and those people earned their money legally, why do you think its morally right to have harsher economic policies for a super-minority of people in this country? and if they didn't earn their money legally thats obviously a separate problem that should be dealt with on its own terms.
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