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  1. Hi bros http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-84WL4QLww http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8dGsVi5ts8
  2. This is obviously true. My statement only refers to downloads.Superjon, I think that bitrate is pretty high regardless of whether you are using the vorbis (standard) or mp3 option.
  3. Another thing he doesn't acknowledge is that if you want music in a specific format that isn't crippled with DRM, often your only choice is to pirate it.But clearly it isn't worth it to pirate once you consider that you are definitely causing artists to shoot themselves in their freaking hearts, EMILY WHITE.edit: also this
  4. 9, 5, and 2 were also wonderful.
  5. Anyone figure out how to adjust posts per page?
  6. I always wore #22, as a (weird-ass) nod to Mike Gartner.
  7. Ep 4 had two really excellent exchanges (approximated herein).Phil: The mother isn't blindside, the black tight end is.Alex: Offensive line.Phil: OK, African-American tight end.--Phil: Permission to approach...Claire: He's not a judge.David Cross: I'll allow it.
  8. Handicapping AD Season 4 Cameo/Bit Part Appearancesaziz ansari 3:1modern family cast member 5:1ricky gervais 5:1bob odenkirk 7:1stewart/colbert/daily show correspondent 9:1the state cast member 13:1chris elliot 19:1colin quinn 22:1wierd al 43:1one of the workaholics 46:1
  9. http://www.sportsclubstats.com/MLB/America...kePlayoffs.html
  10. Yea but the site I'm looking at has even more lopsided betting against the Rams.
  11. Good to see we are still slightly ahead of the "formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race" people...
  12. I know she's pretty active in the Poker Legislation forum on 2+2, so it could be correct. I just haven't heard/read that myself, and it seems awfully speculative.
  13. I just watched both seasons over the past few weeks. The series is very good, season 2 was extremely good, and the USO ep was one of the best things I've ever seen on television.Nick Depaolo really is The Worst Thing though.
  14. Bob, do you know if Mr. Negreanu has seen the thread on 2+2 about the role of prominent poker players in the fight for regulation in the US?
  15. Simmons is annoying.I like Grantland.Patton Oswalt recently wrote an article about how "nerd culture" used to be about becoming fascinated by some weird little segment of entertainment media, and doing the painstaking legwork of learning the history, the fabric, the influences, and the tangents of that particular thing. There is a Japanese word otaku, which basically means "a person that has become obsessed with learning everything about something esoteric." He gives the examples of comic books, science fiction movies, and underground music.Oswalt goes on to lament that nerd culture has just
  16. FWIW, the notion that a regulated US market will be a monopoly and/or have unreasonably high rake is either false or at the very least highly contested.- There are multiple examples of countries where regulation has passed and rakes are consistent with Stars, Tilt, etc.- France has regulation which has resulted in rake which is significantly higher, but beatable.- The provisions stipulated in the currently proposed legislation should provide sufficient competition to prevent price gouging.Disclaimers: My information about the extant situations is picked up second-hand from reading the Poker L
  17. The experts in the Poker Legislation forum at 4 read the Barton bill as open to international player pools, after a period (of 2 years I think?) where it would be US-only.But it also seems like the people who know what's going on think that a Reid bill will be introduced soon, which is much more likely to be what actually ends up getting passed. It may or may not borrow terms from the Barton bill.
  18. Fans of Dice-K and World's End Girlfriend should also check out this.
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