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  1. bump, where is everybody?1/7
  2. Southrnctowl on stars if anyone wants to watch.1/9 ATM.Come cheer me on.
  3. This close to the bubble in a sattelite I would fold any hand DOKOGOD opens.I mean maybe not aces, but you should be trying to coast at this point.
  4. In low stakes, overpairs are not hands we fold, IMO.
  5. You're not by any means deep enough to play for set value. In a $1.10 I prolly shove, if you get called and lose, you still have 10 BBs
  6. I thought this hand was actually going to be against the real Jaime Gold.
  7. havent been on in awhile, but I just made the final table of the $11 1r1asouthrnctowl on stars if anyone wants to watch1/8
  8. When you bet the flop, you make it obvious you hit your ace. You're not getting called by a worse hand ever, except maybe A 10 or AJ. Checking disguises it up a little better.
  9. You could fold every single hand in the first three levels of a stars sit n go and still be a winning player. Its basically just a little bonus time to stack someone when you ahve a premium so why waste time with a stupid hand like AQ. There's no rule that says you have to play every time you have a decent hand.
  10. Yeah pretty sick right? I've been lucky enough to win a couple big tourneys on stars, coupled with several 180 wins and other deep finishes.
  11. AK would not have missed on this flop.Fold preflop. yes its four handed, but the idea of a SNG is to first make the money, then go for the win. Since you only have 15 BBs and you are the shortstack, you should not be playing any hand you would not commit all of your chips with. QJ is not a hand to commit all of your chips with.
  12. Checking the flop is ok, you will keep the pot small, find the same amount of information you would by betting, and set yourself to get paid off later in the hand because it will be harder to put you on a hand when you check the street you made your hand on.
  13. You know your real mistake in the hand was raising QJ off UTG, so why even bother posting? You know what you did wrong.Easily dominated hand + OOP = lose money
  14. The worst hand in poker is the second best hand. AQ is simply a second best hand. Early in these SNGs youre looking for low risk, high reward opportunities. AQ just isnt gonna cut it. Small pairs where you can flop a set and win a big pot, or get away cheaply are profitable, but play them fast when you hit, and make sure youre not paying too mcuh, because some people like to over raise in the low buy in SNGs. Hands you want to get it all in with pre: AA, KK, QQ, obv. AK: It's ok to get it all in on the first hand with this hand because you are rarely goign to be worse than 45% and you w
  15. At least Im not the only one, what difficulty were you on?
  16. Buy Online Ace by Scott Fischman. Subscribe to PokerXFactor.For a Summary of how to play SNGs, go to espn.com/poker Click poker edge, then listen to the episode with scott fischman, he breaks it down pretty good.
  17. I hate when peopel do stupid crap like that. It's designed to look like a bluff, but overbets and potsize bets on the river are always monsters. No reason to go broke here with just one pair. Let it go and wait.
  18. On April 30th 2007, my friend sent $5 to my account. Since then, I'm up over $16,000. I only just turned 20 years old, and I've been able to quit my job, move out of my parents house, get a pretty nice apartment, and play full time.I mostly play SNGs and MTTs. My biggest win being when I took down the nightly 25K guarantee on stars at the end of june for 6200.It's all practice, dedication, and bankroll management. Bit of a brag post
  19. you can still play them just as long as you understand going into it that although they can be played optimally, there is giong to be a large luck factor. Basically jsut wait until the blinds get big, and then steal them, is all I do. Make sure you know people's pushing ranges based on their position and M's, and your pot odds when making calls.And in general, it's better to push all in than to call all in. Much better.
  20. and also in which one is hand 16 a bad fold?The first one he has 78 off OOP and the second one is K 3 offMaybe im missing smoething
  21. don't really like the folding of 66 behind one limper in hand 12hand 17 made me lol then yell "oh god so sick"hand 25, you knew it was coming, shipphand 38 i like the fold, but what would you have done if sb folded?hand 54 made me say "wow this kid really knows what he's doing" I play it the same wayhand 59 i prolly ship
  22. First hand is an instacall. You have at least 12 outs twice, and up to 18, get it in there everytime, esp ITM of a SNG, thats when it's time to start gambling and go for the win. And as for the laziness of minraising, you can just click once on the space to right of the slider, and that will change it to a 3x raise, then click raise, and then you dont ever have to move your fat lazy fingers to the keyboard. sw I'm sure you have very lean attractive fingers.
  23. Limp it pre, I don't like raising out of the SB, just builds a bigger pot that you have to play OOP. Then lead small on the flop. As played, I pot it, applying max pressure and to price yourself in, and let him know youre not folding. That way you dont have to make all hard decisions and do all kinds of math.
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