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  1. thanks how do i sign up for rakeback? do i have to pay for it?
  2. currently playing at partypoker (and indeed im not from america), got like 70 dollars right now and looking for a site were i can deposit this and get an interesting firstdeposit bonus offer and weak players to build up my roll.. any suggestions?
  3. i think im also going to limp alot of suitedconnectors since flushes and straights are cheap to chase... thanks a lot for the answers!!
  4. thanks a lot! at least that helps me out with my BR management, i think im just going to start at ,05/,10 just to see how it goes and try to turn myself into a winning player
  5. hello I just started playing at partypoker, my roll is about $70 right now. Im currently playing ,02/,04 blinds NLHE, but im thinking about switching to limit, because i think it might suit me better. There are a few questions i have about this, first off all what major differences are there between limit and nolimit? should i play more tight or more loose than at NL? and another thing, according to my roll, what limits should i play? and when can i move up in limits? please help!
  6. since im a big fan of trapping, i just call the 4 bucks, and then check it on the turn, youll make him think he is strong and he will probably move it in..
  7. phil hellmuth or allen cunningham... ivey is more of an allround animal... dont think he would do that well with holdem specialists...
  8. wow nice flop man! in this situation i'd probably call on the flop, and on the turn if he really has a set of 8s or Aces, he wil go all in... just wait for another card.. make a full house or even better.. a flush
  9. what online poker room has the best freerolls? i play a pokerstars right now, but do you guys have any tips perhaps?? im dutch so normally play somewhere between 9.00-15.00 ET...
  10. thank you guys/girls for reacting, i normally play 1 dollar sit and gos at pokerstars, but off course i would like to build up a healthy bankroll and play higher stakes...oyeah and jmbreslin explain the bubble strategy
  11. Do you guys have any tips how to play a sit and go with 9 players, the best 3 cash and im always getting 4th!!! almost every single time... any tips on how to avoid this?? should i start out fearless or tight? please help its ruining my bankroll and i want to be good at it
  12. definetly semibluff on the flop, the 10,75 bet is a donkey bet on the turn if he hit his flush.. is it an aggressive player or tight? passive?? more info please....
  13. you should think about the hands he could call with preflop.. he might have called with like K-J offsuit and have toppair and feels its the best hand...... or he got lucky and hit with like a-k or a-q of clubs... and there is alway the possibility he is on a flushdraw and wants to push you out...i think i would lay it down and wait for a better spot to nail him.. but thats just a very unlucky me, i always get bad beats like this holding pocket rockets
  14. do you guys have any footage of the main event? i mean like video blogs or stuff? were can i find it?
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