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  1. Dennis Philips or Phil IveyThose are my two picksI can't seem to get motived to root for a chick with the last name Peppe
  2. GL all female talent playing..Kara ScottAlexia PortalChristina LindleyXtraceyJen harmanPaola MartinAny others? Pics?
  3. You guys need to get more creative. Dummy up some gambling losses and your net win is zero. IMO they should all play golf with some poker celebs and blog about it and claim they lost there asses to ivey and negreanu
  4. 7375 at break was down to 2500 but flopped top set and got paid. Later picked off a bluff and won a nice pot with 44
  5. scanning the list of those eliminated...tiffany michelleedit i am drinking Jose Cuervo
  6. josh arieh is on my right. He just doubled up with Q9 when he rivered two paaair
  7. in FTops. Only 1/3 of my bankroll. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  8. I lol every time i see ivey and durrr stats in my tracker. Also my tracker says i played one hand on rail heaven back in 1969 and i lost 10K. I was only 3 years old at the time so i guess its understandable that i lost
  9. 4K at break. My tables plays like a bunch of old ladies.time to double up or go out
  10. out without even winning a hand. ughedit I'll check back later and ship the winner. gl all
  11. Well I looked up my stats. 2.29BB/100 with 27000 hands. How depressing. But that everything for the last 5 months and included some tilty sessions. About 24000 of it was $25, most of the rest was $50.about $3.00hr. ISAP
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