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  1. If it was no max, then i agree....i've just never seen a no max table.thx.a/k
  2. regarding todays blog....isnt there a max buy in at the Wynn for NL cash games? How could you sit down at 5-10 with over $100K? I would think most people would get up, espically when your grossly overbetting pots.
  3. Raymer was raising every pot last year, and re-raising peoples bets from what we saw on tv.....i like devilfish more than Raymer...but that was uncalled for...as usual though, Raymer handled it with class.
  4. anyone know what events/players will be airing tonight?
  5. does anyone know, if MJ has ever donated to the big game?? I'm sure he has being that hes such a high stakes gambler.......any other known athletes, actors that have gone into the Bellagio Poker room? Just curious as I just bought the new book Professor, Banker Suicide KingThx.
  6. I believe its normally 2000-4000 and turns to 4000-8000 during the wsop. thus, the "big game"
  7. Anyone know if there was a big winner in the big game? Or even a big loser? I know its tough to get accurate info on cash games....also, does this game end now that the WS is over?
  8. Well, he was arrested with more than an ounce of coke in November 2003. I guess if he stopped using in the 90s then he was just a coke dealer by late 2003. Of course, according to Matusow, he simply got caught while doing somebody a "favor". Right....Google it man... does seem like a shady job (and pretty much entrapment)by our law enforcement...supposedly could have gotten 20yrs and all they could do was 6months, real strong case.and level headed and smart as a previous poster said, he is, getting clean must be incredibly hard to do, ask tyrone, but yeah,I have a lot of respect for him being
  9. If there was any doubt if he is a coke head, check out his interview from Tue on Cardplayer.....look at his jaw...the guy is a junkie.
  10. If there was any doubt if he is a coke head, check out his interview from Tue on Cardplayer.....look at his jaw...the guy is a junkie.
  11. talk about being lit up on coke...check out Mikes interview from Tue on Carplayer.....his jaw was going nutz....left/right...he was so high it was disgusting....
  12. That doesnt seem fair......imo, the short stack should always be forced to leave.....the big stack should be able to stay at the table he made his chips at.....The other Flack was moved to Mizrachi's table, and Flack had a ton of chips
  13. How is determined who/when players move to different tables in the WSOP? Short stacks/large stacks move?Thx.
  14. Is the whole professional poker world on team Full Tilt? Whats going on with that? Seems like every pro is wearing a jersey now, Forrest, Gavin Smith, Mike the Mouth???
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