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  1. Do you lack the skill to play?
  2. Sounds like the Nashville trip was a success.<Jersey, you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. js>Question: Have we set a date for the FF draft?
  3. I could make a strong entry into the BBQ category.
  4. Wow. Catching up on the last three days was really like a soap opera.One shot ... Another admits to an affairSpeedy recoveries to both The Pro and Chicken.Happy travels everyone to whatever destination you have chosen. (Boston, Nashville, Charlotte, etc.)
  5. Glad to hear that you are okay Dave. Hope you get better soon.
  6. Thoughts and prayers for the Pro.
  7. Two polls on AOL that you all might find worth participating in.Hottest Athlete - WomenHottest Athlete - Men
  8. I realize that. But it would have been nice to see. js And I also realize that when JJD reads this, it will probably intensify his efforts.
  9. As for those that should be retired...Sheep jokesFAG jokesiPod synching jokesCalling me BrentCalling me bretardedCalling me brentardedPhillipines jokesJokes about me having lofty morals and not banging married womenJokes about Pink Floyd/Scissor SistersButchering my screen name didn't make the list?
  10. Blue - So, did you take the job or what?Ivan..hope all works out in your situation.Nite All!
  11. This means tomorrow is Ask Brett Day or are you suggesting another Army trip?
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