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  1. How many players typically enter these? Is it typically enough to cover the guaranteed amount, or is there some extra value in joining them?
  2. Is there a rule that says you've got to stick with just one? Given that so many US plyers especially have flocked to Epassporte, wouldn't it make sense to try to get a bit of that business? I've heard mixed things on different sites about eWalletXpress, and am not ready to make a leap to that site yet. Until FCP starts accepting Epassporte, I won't be able to play here.
  3. Do you anticipate that players will be able to deposit using ePassporte any time in the near future? If so, how soon do you think that will be?Thanks in advance...
  4. So juggo, what did you end up doing?
  5. LouBlue

    C++ Help

    Still looking for full time or contract C programmers for client in Kentucky. UNIX experience needed.
  6. My thought is that if you got through 4 years of college and didn't learn that the word is worthwhile and not "worth wild" then you have little hope of accomplishing much in grad school, where grammar and spelling DO count.Good luck at the tables. My guess is that your mind was made up before you even posted the question.
  7. LouBlue

    C++ Help

    Hey, if any of you are solid C programmers and looking for a new opportunity, please PM me.
  8. Mike can be up and down emotionally too. Daniel might have just caught him on a bad day. I feel for Mike. I have a couple of relatives that are bipolar, and I'm a bit ADD myself. For him to struggle with both and have risen to the level of play that he is reached is pretty amazing. He drives me crazy the way he runs his mouth, but I have read and heard that he can be a really nice guy away from the table. ... I think may people would think a lot more of him if he could learn to be more respectful of others at the table. In turn, he might start getting more respect.I'm glad to see that t
  9. Ummm ... Just curious, but why wouldn't you ask this on Full Tilt's site instead of here?I've only been here a short time, but I would imagine that the FCP folks would prefer not to discuss ways to give money to their competition on their own forum.
  10. OK. Taking a huge left turn in this conversation... Assuming that there is no god, who's to say what's right and wrong, or good and bad? Certainly not science... And if morality is all subjective, then how can one say that fundamentalism, or anything else is good or bad for society?
  11. Um... Love? Science has nothing to say about love. I'd argue that love reduces all sorts of suffering.By the way, I'm really curious what has prompted you to come at such discussions with such zeal that you actually seek out Christians and seek to lead us out of the darkness. You mentioned that you used to be a professing Christian. Was your experience within the church especially negative? If so, I truly am sorry for that.
  12. Heh! While I personally don't drink, I can appreciate your post. Like I recently told someone else, I get pretty weary of online debates that don't seem to go anywhere.
  13. No, I'm simply referring to a general belief in God. However, if you're going to trivialize the belief of people by simply attributing it to their upbringing, then you must also do the same for those who have been brought up to believe that there isn't a god. My point is that there are reasonable scientists who believe based on their understanding of science that there must be a God ... At a minimum, someone/thing who set the whole universe in motion, so to speak...
  14. I guess one idea, given his resources, would have been to make a couple of calls in advance of his arrival, and have some place bring him some food that's more to his liking. ... Especially since he had already been there previously, and knew the food there wouldn't suit him.
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