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  1. First things first, I think calling Mason a terrible poker player really detracts from your argument. I think you're putting across an interesting debate but there's no need to get into schoolyard name calling, and for what it's worth I'm sure Mason doesn't live under any pretense that he's a good poker player. He's just someone that started a publishing company a few decades ago. I should also add that despite my obvious soft spot for 2p2, it's not in my nature to generally defend Mason as I've got some pretty massive differences of opinions as him and in most situations I find myself disagre
  2. No-one is suggesting that you haven't done a lot for 2p2 over the past decade and that the higher ups shouldn't be grateful for the amount of traffic you've brought them. However like you've made clear in your last post, it is a business. A lot of companies, including your employers spend a boatload of money advertising on the site and it certainly won't look particularly good to potential clients if they're handing out freebies. Furthermore, in your eyes they should clearly cut you some slack, and perhaps that is the case, but where do we draw the line? I hate to go all 'slippery slope' but i
  3. Daniel I think you're a good guy and although your points may be in line you've quite clearly broken a rule that you were warned, infracted and eventually banned for. I certainly think that a lot of laws in my country are pretty stupid but I still have to follow them, otherwise I face the consequences. Fwiw, I think that twoplustwo is modded really well and in line with the general consensus of the forum (even if a lot of people are outraged at this decision), with the general rule being if you spam, you get banned. For a forum with over a quarter of a million members, it'd be completely wrong
  4. You drastically need to put in a bet/raise before you had to make this decision.If you checkraise that flop for information you push just about everything except the nuts off the hand (in which case you can make an easy decision) and you get to be the player pushing off the other nut lo's.If you play it that slowly then you probably dont have much of a choice but to fold.
  5. Agreed, this is not a hand strong enough to let people come in behind you with.
  6. 20 will probably do the trick if its low limit
  7. AP is probably the safest place to play poker since the scandal
  8. Almost every pro writes in their books that you should not play 'above your limit' in terms of blinds including Daniel.My question is, as somoene who can play fairly well at a small limit but would like to take things more seriously is it worth upping the limits more (obviously assuming I have the bankroll), in order to gain more experience; kind of like a capital investment.Thanks
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