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  1. Oh shoot, you're supposed to love poker?That's what I've been doing wrong!!!!!!!
  2. Congrats Gallo and ah2388....good job!Thanks Vb and everyone who helped with the leaderboard site...it was fantastic. Tx again psu for getting the contest going. Tx 3s for scoring goot.....lolHad fun railing the enemy teams :PJanice
  3. There's no bruising in pokah!!! No rooting on the enemies q....
  4. I know dancmahan finished 89th in 72907957, but not how freddec finished.
  5. Hi guys, just trying to figure out some of the unposted/unconfirmed scores, is this right?72817020 psufans finishing 90th72907957 dancmahan finishing 89th72842452 tb17....didnt play this right??72834136 freddec finishing ???
  6. Understatement of the year, you are POUNDING that table! Go Gil...
  7. Railing you and Gil, looks like you are both playing great to me. Keep it going.
  8. "A" for effort Grinder ]PokerStars Game #14372941948: Tournament #71871142, $200+$15 Hold'em No Limit - Level XVIII (4000/8000) - 2008/01/06 - 17:32:17 (ET)Table '71871142 336' 9-max Seat #9 is the buttonSeat 1: RiverSkitzo (97992 in chips) Seat 2: pene900 (42784 in chips) Seat 3: player1141 (206070 in chips) Seat 4: o_omx (45820 in chips) Seat 5: GrinderMJ (171444 in chips) Seat 6: JoseGuti (131946 in chips) Seat 7: THUNDERSKY17 (91908 in chips) Seat 8: Atila5 (59576 in chips) Seat 9: ZorbathaPit (104564 in chips) RiverSkitzo: posts the ante 800pene900: posts the ante 800player1141: posts the
  9. LOL I saw that Gil. Nice one! :PGL everyone
  10. qyayqi [observer]: pre-flop is the new turn.LOL
  11. YES...Congratulations to you all. FCP has alot of great poker players. GL in 2008.On a side note, how could Troyomac of won his category, he CAN'T cook?
  12. Great job psu putting this contest together and to vb for the website. This has been a lot of fun!! Janice
  13. Yes we do, get in IRC so we dont hijack LOL
  14. JC had an awesome year. I'd like to nominate Josh (Gilbertology/jpo123) for taking down FTOP III event #1 this year.(oh, and for that incredible Wii boxing)edit: he's 'jpo123' on FullTilt
  15. "During that tournament, twice I had KK against AA! One time it was actually me with KK, one opponent with AA, and the other with KK. I’ve had a really bizarre December with that particular cold deck. It happened to me at the Bellagio, twice in the Sunday Million, and then FOUR more times in my next three sessions playing no limit cash games online! Creepy, creepy " dn's blogClassic Stars 'setup' hands....you must learn to fold those preflop online.
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