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  1. Hi fellow poster,I do still have this account available for use. Please keep me informed in the matter of the poker sites developing stories. I, for one, cannot believe that they were a scam all along.regards,
  2. Event #10 at the 2010 WSOP at the Rio is the $10,000 Seven Card Stud Championship and it begins at 5PM Vegas time on June 3rd.Beans is playing and he's had some pretty good success in stud tourneys at the WSOP when he remembers them. This is from his practice run last night. Updates as always are provided by Crown Royal and Beans will be sending updates via Twatter.Good Luck BeansBean's Twatter Updates3 June 2010, 5:02 pmRealbrownBeans: I'm out. According to the idiots at Harrahs you cant use a pee bucket even if its held securely between your feet to prevent spillage. Off day tomorrow so I
  3. Hi bleacherbum3,Please be aware that our contest is one hundred percent non-thread partisan. Uh....not thread partisan, whatever. Hopefully you get the point. All entries will be judged without bias, and the winner determined based solely on the guidelines and rules created by JJJinc, no matter their race, religion, sexual preferences, etc.Basically, no infoing will occour...regards,ps...I know for a fact that Beans uses MSPaint. Hes not sharp enough, or sober, for that matter, to use a fancier software....
  4. it was bad ten years ago.....now its an infos goes wild wonderland.... igot a ticket in a drive thru today
  5. the wife signed us up for one of the marriage workshops advertisements on every billboard out here....im gonna build a guillotine....bcc...extreme
  6. oh i plan to make billions on my hovercraft conversion kit for cars in la to avoid the info parkingfees everywhere....i payed fifty three bucks at a drivein movie last n8ight
  7. glad youre ok randy''''''cant quote on this thingbiut im deeply hurt about afew thingds.....drunk in santamonica tonight...
  8. currently in malibu posting froma playstation. incident with cops over glass on beach earlier. if posting from touches is as much trouble as this thingis ill never have one. couldnt use my beans acc.... no dash on this thing.... catchup pics and trip report in aweek or so.....
  9. If only I had "met" you all you guys ten years ago when I had unlimited drive to succeed....I still think that as a group there is enough brainpower in here to achieve anythingI do have one reoccurring idea involving large amounts of cash, booze, and casinos, but the idea of spending time in a Nevada prison in the summer keeps pushing it to the back burnerKeep egging me on and I may pull the trigger... My nose left a greasy spot on the screen as I scrolled down the page looking for this.... Heres hoping to a speedy recovery, sir.... All you can do is your best.......and if that isnt enough st
  10. Hi Justme,This one showed up on Ethiopias radar regards
  11. Hi nutzbuster,The mass majority of posters here in off topic will suffer from projectile vomiting at the mere thought of another couch thread. The mental health and well being of your fellow slackers in here depends on you not bumping this every few minutes for eternity just for the fame and attention that it may or may not bring. If you research past threads of this type, you'll find that it only leads to shameless self promotion and general loathing of the thread starter, which can also trigger retaliation in the form of death threats, mail bombs, etc.Im sure those other unsatisfied customer
  12. Beans is moving onto the next event today.GL Beans and any other PACTers railing this!!Beans:8:05 PM EST - "No names around my table. Gonna put on disguise and break the restraining order "8:21 PM EST - "Daniel won a good pot with A10. Yelled woot so loud some woman went into labor"8:24 PM EST - "Slight altercation with competing railer"8:46 PM EST - "Feet hurt"9:03 PM EST - "Gotta go #1 bad but pants just dried from last time"9:06 PM EST - "Little squirt down there from a YOU DA MAN! holler"9:31 PM EST - "Binoculars wont focus."9:45 PM EST - "Bunch of idiots railing here. Thought a heart was
  13. Hi leftygolfer,Please keep in mind that since Beans is such a big star, he does not use port-o-pots. In fact, he rarely uses public restrooms after the ebay incident in which he did not receive royalties from the whopper that sold for a record price to a customer from this community. Beans has an electric Lamborghini, so gas stations are out.The putting green is acceptable as long as not an indoor simulator located in his home.regards, Hi jeff_536,Im glad you asked those questions, and yes, there are two separate courses for live and online rail techniques. The live version is titled "Railing
  14. Hi JBrad Dawson,The Charter Member promotion was only for that last failed enterprise and is currently just as valid as it was back then, which means,STOP FUCKING ASKING ABOUT THAT CHARTER MEMBER SHIT ANYMORE CAUSE WE'VE MOVED ON TO ANOTHER GODDAMN THING ALREADY AND I'M GETTING SICK OF IT ALREADY! GET IT? OK, GOOD! ahem...If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at pokerrtsupport@pact.comregards,
  15. Hi leftygolfer,You and ouch now have reserved seats* directly in front of Professor Beansregards, Hi nutzbuster,For being such a good sport and having such a gift for railing, Im offering you a PokerRT lifetime membership**Please consider our offer for employment as the professors assistant***regards, Hi Balloon guy,We're only having a little fun with this and mean no disrespect**** for those with promotional sites of a similar nature or fictitious portrayals of posters based on actual persons****, dead or alive. Im placing two red carpet access tickets***** to an upcoming blockbuster poker
  16. Hi Ouch-8s,You may be too advanced for the basic RT package. I suggest that you sign up for the optional ($299.49) quiz that includes Rorschach style materialregards,
  17. Hi leftygolferAnonymous,Currently we have only one boot camp type promotion, the Weekend with BeansWe added in a few frames of strip bowling for the eighteen fortunate enough to scrape up the required loot. Keep in mind that due to insurance regulations, intimacy with the pins is now forbidden.regards,Heres a sneak peek at the members only quiz section. To assist us in deciding if youre "pro-rail" material, please answer the questions below and return it with the $49.95 (non-returnable) quiz fee and your membership dues.1) Would you rather....a) Watch paint dryB Watch cars rustc) Both a and
  18. Poker RT(railbird training) is now live and there is an PACT only Promo Price available of 40% off the initial sign-up fee and first month's membership fee. This discount should be off of the current $119.99 initial sign up fee and first month's $29.99 fee.To get this one time break savings please enter the following promo code: PACT40 (and this should NOT be case sensitive)Promo Expires on June 1, 2008 at 11:59 pm PSTAt the bottom of the sign up page there is a place to enter the promo code. To get the discount you must enter the code above. Keep in mind that we are terribly desperate for inc
  19. PACTinfo2


    Since the evil empire decided to bump the couch thread, Im taking this opportunity to announce the unveiling of PACT's greatest scam promotion eva....Stay tuned for.....POKA-VD!!!!
  20. Hi Randy Reed,Shane is one of the many options available for purchase during the weekend. We will post a complete list of add-ons at a later date in this thread.He is not my brotherIm proud to announce that after a several month absence, Rocky returned home last week. He probably wont be available during the Weekend With Beans because of scheduling problems with the Week With a Pecker promotion.regards,Hi potential Weekend With Beans winners,I thought you all would like to hear a first hand trip report of last years Beans Drinking and Gambling Camp. regards, Las Vegas. Just Sicknin.Ahhh, Sin C
  21. Hi ShakeZuma,In the contract that you signed it plainly states that in order to receive proper credit in your "Weekend with Beans" account, you must follow the instructions on page 153, under "Payment options"Ill post the instructions below1) Use a third party payment processor such as Fatwallet, TetNeller, or EmptyWallet Express to remove the fifteen large from your bank account to our site2) Once the money is verified, you must move the money from the cashier account to either the poker account, casino account, weekend with Beans account, or the bonus account3) Once money is moved from on
  22. LAS VEGAS, NV, March 15, 2008 – Beans-n-Icewater, 3 time World Series of Drinking winner, announced today the launch of ‘A Weekend with Beans-n-Icewater’ – an alcoholics dream weekend of private dances, drinking and low end hospitality.The weekend takes place on August 8-10, 2008 and is geared towards providing stupid people with intimate, one-on-one party training as well as an exclusive Las Vegas experience. The weekend is limited to only 18 fools, ensuring a highly personalized experience.“I’m very excited to offer anyone that has 15K to throw down the toilet an immersive weekend of crazin
  23. So it's time to pay respects to a long time poster, Mrs. Lolli. She's a blast to have around on the board & is well deserved to have this month's featured membersThis month we're offering not one boob, but twoSo everyone give a big squeeze to a great pair and important community asset
  24. Hi drcossack,Although you are correct about the anti-couch information, in the future please point folks to the good side instead of evil.PactIm placing three thousand seven hundred and sixteen PACTpts and ten dollars bonus money into your accountregards,
  25. Day 1 starts today for Haba.Live updates from WPT:GL HABADABA!! 12:00 "Im not gonna drink, party, talk politics, or gripe about anything until I take this sucker down!"12:02 "YIKES! This is gonna be rough LOL"12:03 "Just raised with 5-2 suited three callers and lost"12:07 "Practicing my golf swing under the table between hands"12:09 "Oops that wasnt a club handle LOL"12:11 "Im out but very happy with my play"GG Haba!
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