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  1. funny that Betty is seeing a child psychologist. So fitting.They sure do a good job of keeping Don dipping into dick territory and hero territory
  2. Goodness, 82, thats striking the ball and getting up and down. Niiiice....and you're period
  3. Woodley looked great, he's a beast.Diaz can't take anyone down but can take a punch and has great reach and stand up.
  4. seriously? No spoilers? And that wasn't a spoiler anyway
  5. good movie, great, snappy dialogue. Loved the scene at the university president's office.
  6. Nick Diaz vs KJ Noons tonight on Showtime among other fights. Josh Thompson, Tyron Woodley, who is a hot prospect, allegedly
  7. Omar gets better. Wait until you're rooting for Bodie. Oh believe it, you will.I just finished up the last five eps of Season 5. Very good but I wanted it to go differently somehow. I won't say more for Steve's sake.Marlo was on Lie to Me this week.
  8. no doubt LeftyJeff, it's a hugely dying industry, retail banking. But oh well, I'll try to make some connects up here in the tech industry and work my way over to that. Finally got some new, second hand Taylor Made irons. Haven't had a chance to try them yet. I was just getting back into golfing after 3+ years or more. First 2 rounds went really well. 3rd round, crapped the bed. But we'll see how these new clubs hit. Sadly, I'm still swinging them.
  9. are we really using people's first and last names from Facebook in this thread? and I was watching Observe and Report, the line was from that movie, but could also be taken to mean my current situation, Re: medical stuffduhhhbut yeah, it was a rape joke
  10. good point, I am WPB. Rekognize fool. OK, I'll never do that again, sorry. I turned down so many pain meds while in the hospital the nurses thought I was a recovering addict. I guess people don't do that. I wasn't in pain, just discomfort. Oh well, I make a weird dilineation I guess. Stupid, I shoulda just stayed high the whole time. I didn't even fill my pain script after I got out.Woops. That reminds me, antibiotics time hi?
  11. I looked and found a new job in the Orlando area. Lateral crap job, some industry, etc, but I was tired of driving back and forth once, twice a month and I didn't want to end my relationship with said area resident, plus I figure my old bank will be out of business by end of first quarter, soooo, yeah, decided to give it a whirl. I like the area from what I've seen before. All WPB friends had kids, etc, so not a lot of shits and giggles in that area. What the hell? If it doesn't work and sucks, I'll go back home and live with my parents. ha based on all the old effs I've dealt with, no,
  12. couble up out of practiceDenny Crane!!!
  13. only had one during the surgery but damn, I think they used one with a jagged edge. It hurt to pee for 3 days. That was new.It was glorious to move to Orlando, and the day I arrive into town, I land in the ER with a hyper infected, possibly burst appendix. Weeeeee. Well, it's out, I'm finally starting to get on the mend, yet I still have a damn belly drain. Hopefully I'll be able to start my new job Monday. I want the drain out, but I think showing up to a new job with a blood drain would show toughness and lay seeds for later down the road when I actually call in sick, they'll think I'm
  14. No, this one was written concisely and there was no ambiguity in the joke.
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