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  1. my guess for opening day lineup?Izturis (this makes me hurt)AnkielPujolsGlausDuncanMolinaLudwick (at least on opening day, this spot will rotate)Pitcher spotKennedy (dear lord help us all).
  2. yeah, but this gimp doesn't hate the manager yet.
  3. hmm....pretty much agree, just not sure about Harold Baines. Maybe I just don't really remember his prime.
  4. Ankiel definitely an everyday guy next year...either CF or RF. Are there any worthwhile corner OF available on the FA market at all?
  5. with Tony as manager, I find that somewhat hard to believe. The kid has a whole lot of pressure on him now though. Hope he can handle it.
  6. sure hope there's SOME follow up to the Edmonds deal. Like, more salary dump or something - be big players in the FA market next year or something. Who's the OF right now...Duncan, Ankiel, Ludwick? Rasmus won't be up until midseason I would think.
  7. The Lastings Milledge/Ryan Church Brian Schnieder (sp?) confuses me somewhat. Seems like Milledge was a very high profile prospect very recently.
  8. I think the rift between Rolen/Larussa is only gonna get uglier in the coming weeks as Rolen tries to force a trade. Some pretty stern comments from Larussa the other day are the talk of the town. Rumor is that Rolen will be releasing the note that Larussa sent him after the season. Seems to me the damage is irreperable (sp?).Honestly, given his level of discontentment, they need to move him. I've heard Capuano for Rolen was on the table, which I think is about as good a deal as they're gonna get (although, I'm a bit of a fan of Capuano as a middle/backend of the rotation guy personally -
  9. That's goign to be the best lineup in baseball. All of those guys hit for avg, and get on base. What a scary team. Remember how much of a joke Detroit was just a few years ago? Man they've come a LONG way.
  10. To me, this is evidence that Brendan Ryan will be the Starting shortstop VERY soon (Tony will be forced to play the kid).Cards need a SP, badly.
  11. I take Daniel over Brennan - Daniel plays in a tougher conference, #1 team in the country, AND slightly better stats.Basically, the discussion is over whether you punish a guy for his team losing 3 games and those being HIS worst games as well.
  12. I wouldn't give McFadden the Heisman...he's got 2 or 3 huge games, another couple really good ones, and then a bunch of average games really.Tim Tebow and Florida lost in his 3 worst games basically. He's played so well he's probably be my #2 though.=Dennis Dixon probably had it up until he got injured.Chase Daniel went over 250 yards passing in all but 1 game, and in that one they blew out Texas Tech. 6 games he threw for over 350 yards. They are #1 in the country. Assuming they take care of OU (a big if I realize) and he performs well again, I'd say he deserves it (but won't win it anywa
  13. Solodell


    Just gotta take care of Business against OU. Wow, never would've thought MU would be having such a realistic chance of playing for the National Championship.Chase Daniel is an amazing football player.
  14. Can't disagree. That only got play because a Cards fan and a Dodger fan got into a back and forth about it.Rarely do you have only 1 disagreement on who was chosen.
  15. Heard Rob Neyer on Radio say Molina is easily better defensively. OBVIOUSLY Molina's arm is better, that's not even a question.
  16. That would be funny, and significantly less than the $30 million Boras wanted.It's also right about what market ACTUALLY dictates he should get.
  17. CC Sabathia Cy Young over Beckett. I'm saying right choice for reg. season award. Too bad for Beckett the playoffs don't count.
  18. Act like you've been there before doesn't necessarily apply if you HAVEN'T been there before. Huge win for the Illini....makes it even more frustrating they lost to freaking Iowa. Doesn't seem to be a "GREAT" team in college FB this year.
  19. I'd have taken Tulowitzki's defensive advantage into account and giving the ROY to him over Braun, but I just don't like guys all that much who hit HRs and don't do much of anything else.
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