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  1. Tommy John just is bitter he's not in. Pedro is a mortal lock. Smoltz is too IMO based on what he accomplished as a starter AND a reliever. Schilling is probably in based on postseason performance.
  2. 2 out of 3 from the Royals...that's a little more like it.
  3. First 5 innings, 9 hits, 0 runs. When will Tony realize Villone is effective as a situational lefty, but terrible against righties? For such a stats guy, he seems to be ignoring the obvious statistics.EDIT: Gotta love Pujols coming back from the DL to go 4-4 w/ an IBB.
  4. Eh, most people don't lose the best player in the game. I'm just saying the Royals got to play the Cards at an opportune time in during the season, which you can't deny. Generally the NL is pretty crappy this season. I actually think the Central might be the strongest this season in the NL. Cards did take 2/3 from the Red Sox (no Papi, no Pujols, pretty fair comparison). That's clearly a large enough sample size to make a judgement
  5. Chris Duncan and injuries are combining to kill this team. Here's hoping the Cards sweep the Royals in KC so we can see if KK decides to venture over this way again. I like his tried and true method of knocking the NL Central. He's good for that at least a few times a season. Congrats on sweeping the Cards while missing all our best pitching and 3 starters (Pujols, Molina, and Tony's objectivity when it comes to Chris Duncan).
  6. You're forgetting, Rasmus isn't he son of his Pitching Coach/Friend. LaRussa is pretty blind when it comes to Chris Duncan. The guy hasn't done ANYTHING since he got he sports hernia or whatever it was last year. Before that, he was actually a very productive player.Pujols/Wainwright both go down in the same week. LaRussa needs to really shine here, because the Cards could be in trouble otherwise. tread water, stay afloat...help is on the way eventually.
  7. The catch the next night had something to do w/ it as well. He was king at getting super hot for a week and carrying the offense.
  8. Their method works pretty well for winning championships, but when you're generally terrible in between the championships, it's hard to maintain any kind of fan support. And that's really what it's about, because consistent fan support is how you make money (either that or just sit around and wait for the check to come in from the Yankees revenue sharing).
  9. He demoted himself at least temporarily. About time. He's costing the team games left and right.
  10. Who is this team and what have they done w/ the team everyone predicted we'd see? Seriously, what a pleasant surprise so far.
  11. uh...Dear Lord I hope she looked better than that at the time the relationship started.
  12. Anytime a set of fans throws stuff onto the field they should be ripped. It's ridiculous.
  13. Pujols 2 dingers and we're off to the races...wonder how long this SP will hold up.
  14. I would not expect much out of Mulder/Carpenter/Clement this year.
  15. Amazingly enough, all that without a whole lot of offensive production from Mr. Pujols. Some of the guys are clearly playing above their capabilities so far.
  16. Bah...stupid rainout ruining a perfectly good Albert Pujols HR!
  17. right now...yes.Overall for their careers, Eric Snow has a better Field Goal % than JKidd (who's a terrible shooter in his own right but does enough other stuff well to mostly make up for it).
  18. We had Kip Wells last year...nothing can be worse than that.
  19. Been messed up since 2003, might as well just play till it blows out, since he's gone this long.
  20. Taguchi had gotten pretty bad defensively last season, which didn't get mentioned enough. If he can't play defense, he wasn't worth it.Anyway, this team is a bit too reliant on "if everything goes right w/ guy XXXXXX (insert Clement, Pineiro, Reyes, Ankiel, Carpenter, Mulder, Rasmus, etc)" and not enough known quantities (Pujols, Molina, Wainwright...somewhat, Izzy) to expect them reasonably to make the playoffs.
  21. something between 80-85 wins would be my guesstimate.
  22. That is a crock of crap. I'm not an Obama supporter, but he has more time in elected office than Hillary. I will never understand how people complain about politicians doing the same old stuff all the time, yet continue electing the same old people. Hillary and McCain have been in Washington a combined 40 years or something like that, and yet are the frontrunners in a year when "change" is the buzzword....amazing.
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