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  1. Bah...Cards thread on 2nd page? this isn't right! Pujols is still the greatest.
  2. Perturbed in that the medical staff failed...YET AGAIN. I actually think the Cards will be fine w/ either Freese or Wallace filling in, and it will be a good chance to see them up in the majors.
  3. Someone forgot to tell the Cards it's ok to sign free agents now.
  4. Hoping this is true. I like the fact that the Cards got him when his value was lowest (it's kinda their speciality). His OBP worries me. Hoping getting out of Petco will help him out offensively, but I suspect it'll just make him swing for the fences more than it seems he already does.
  5. Many thought they'd compete w/ Pittsburgh for last place. Expectations for the team were very low, and despite that they were in contention all season long. Any kind of a good bullpen/closer for most of the season and they were a playoff team. Albert was the main reason.
  6. totally agreed, glad to see the voters get it right. I was expecting the voters to be swayed by the "sexy" numbers. Howard was mostly an all or nothing guy and then had a good final 3 weeks or so. Meanwhile Pujols drug that Cardinals into contention all year when most expected them to be a last place team. If you switch the closers on the 2 teams, no one would've even considered Howard. He's not even the MVP of his own team.
  7. anything, yes. Anything significant? different story.Grats to Albert for a well deserved MVP award.
  8. wow, NO ONE picking the Phillies. I picked the Red Sox, but there's just something about that Rays team, I could see them taking it all.
  9. In fairness to him, the guy is the only reason they are in the playoffs anyway, plus he's been pitching on 3 days rest for quite awhile now. He's gotta be wearing down a bit.
  10. Here's one take on the NL MVP race.http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=keri/080923&sportCat=mlb ://http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page...p;sportCat=mlb ://http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page...p;sportCat=mlb
  11. Good lord are they in free fall mode right now...
  12. Cards wouldn't have finished in 4th w/o Pujols. They only recently dropped there anyway, and previously were right there in the WC race all season (except for leading the division for several months early). Apparently Pujols isn't the MVP because the bullpen blew 30 saves. That makes sense.Cy Young for me is Lincecum/Lee as well. Haven't paid enough attention to AL to have an MVP thought. NL MVP for me is Pujols, although I know he'll lose it somehow. Maybe they can find a token Philly to give it to again.
  13. They'll still find a way to not give him MVP award again.
  14. Sounds like the Rockies aren't shopping anyone really anymore cause they think they're in it again.
  15. I think it makes him a bit slow coming back as a starter next year.I'm salivating at the idea of full seasons from Wainwright and Carpenter next year.
  16. I fear the same. Too many holes to fill in that bullpen to fix this at this point.
  17. ASG is always about offensive statistics. If Yadi can ever get a situation where he's driving in a good amount of runs, he's got a chance. He's worked himself from a .215 hitter up to about a .300 hitter so far. He's come a long way....and no one can really touch him defensively.
  18. Rick Ankiel's pitching career disagrees. Seriously, I don't think it's over, but the guy seriously looked like he wanted to vomit out there. I felt bad for the guy.
  19. I think you mean an entire bullpen really.
  20. Harden was never in STL, that was Haren (went over in the uber-horrendous Mulder trade), who's now w/ the D-Backs.
  21. If they aren't going to be able to resign Sheets, then they really do need to go for it now. For a team that is consistently in the hunt, I don't like the rent-a-player strategy, but if you only got 1 shot, might as well take it.
  22. I say cheer him once for all the awesomeness that he brought (we don't make the 2004 Series without what he did in the NLCS). After that, boo him like any other Cub. Can't really blame the guy for wanting to continue his career, and it's not like he had tons of options after both STL and SD had basically said "we dont' want you anymore".SD was never really a good fit for Edmonds w/ that pitcher's park they play in.
  23. Mark Mulder pitched the 9th today. I saw it with my own 2 eyes, yet I still can't really believe. Not sure what shocked me more...that, or Chris Duncan actually hitting a HR again.Also, are the Mets always that bad defensively? Yikes.
  24. Well, you should've realized then you couldn't reason with him. Anyone should be able to reasonably see that.
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