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    I dont suppose that you guys offer overnight delivery or anything?please?
  2. I need to do someone in the pooper.I got nuthin else.
  3. HELLOOO DARLING!I just wanted to "pop-in" (hehehe) and tell you that I'm preparing a marvelous little dinner for the two of us tonight. I'll start off with a little BM (Barry Manilow you little dirty mind,you!) to set the mood, a glass or three of red wine, and a two hour foot massage for those tired little swollen tootsies you get after standing at work all day!I know that you didnt like the KY warming lube that I got the other day, but please try it again tonight because I discovered that in the darkness, I accidently grabbed the BenGay lying on the nightstand beside it. Oops!Hugs-n-kisses!Y
  4. Ruh-roh!6 User(s) are reading this topic (2 Guests and 0 Anonymous Users)4 Members: Theraflu, silkyjonson, Rodney21a, strategy
  5. I don't want any drugs - none that will make me sick, None that will make me crash my Ford, or make my ass three feet wide. I don't want any drugs - one that will hurt my knee, None that will make me pee too much, or make my hair look tooooo bad. None that will make me nervous, wonderin' what to do. None that will make me feel like I feel when I'm with Ronald, when I'm alone with Ronald. I don't want any drugs - none that will hurt my seeds. None that costs too much, or sold by Speedz. I don't want any drugs - none served on a tray, None that will make me poop all day, none that will make me p
  6. I am ChrisI am ChrisChris I amThat Chris-I-am!Than Chris-I-am!I do not likethose Drugs-U-do!Do you dogreen leafs and blow?I do not like them,Chris-I-am.I do not dogreen leafs and blow.Would you do themhere or there?I would not do themhere or there.I would not do themanywhere.I do not dogreen leafs and blow.I do not do them,Chris-I-am.Would you do themin a gym?Would you do themwith a quimm?I do not do themin a gym.I do not do themwith a quimm.I do not do themhere or there.I do not do themanywhere.I do not like green leafs and blow.I do not do them, Chris-I-am.Would you do theme-mailing a foxx?W
  7. It is very special I prefer the word blows, thank you I'm his first cousin and husband. That would make you Val Goldman. If you ever bring home a woman, make sure that her dad is not in a political office. Sneaking him out thru the gay bar in drag would suck blow.
  8. We need this "pinned" at the top guys!!I'm hoping an FCPer takes this down!
  9. Pick the title of a song or movie or book and replace one of the words with vaginae.g.Big Momma's House => Big Momma's Rectumlets see what funny ones we get
  10. Ralph Mexico


    Will you marry me, Habadaba?I'm just seriousBest support in the buisness!
  11. It dont matter what he thinks hun. We know its right and thats all that mattersWhich reminds me Ron-Ron, may I puleeeese have that darling little sweater that I found in Southbeach? It has those little pockets on the sleeves and peacock feathers sewn on the back. Its just to die for!As for the post-it you left on the mirror this morning, I replace the curb feelers on your Ford and wiped the lube from them. Didnt you notice?XXXXOOOORalphie
  12. I miss you too honey-bunches of oats. I guess the honeymoons not over yet!Sorry I worked you over so hard this morning, you did remember your donut cushion?[wiping spooge from the curtains face]Youre still taking me with you, right? AND who is this Molly person? We agreed no outsiders for a month!
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