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  1. I played the first hour, was down to 1k in chips, my wife took over and somehow got up to 7k in chips. I then resumed and busted out in 19th, one out of the money. Nice playing with you fools.
  2. Early in a $5 tournament, I probably wouldve pushed preflop and busted out. If this happened later in the tournament, I wouldve either done exactly what you did or maybe just call the UTG raise and see if I catch a part of the flop. Nothing much you can do...
  3. I was there the other day too and watched the 2500 NL tourney for a couple of hours. I was kind of shocked by the number of donkeys playing. There were two people at the table i was watching who were literally asleep the whole time and when they were awake, seemed to play as if they wanted to go home to go to bed. A couple others were drunk, one of which was an older guy who kept dropping a giant roll of hundreds out of his pocket. When he went out, i commented to my wife how we should just go follow him around. There seemed to be only 3 players at the table i watched capable of actually
  4. Hey all,Im headed to vegas in a couple of weeks and was wondering which casinos are running 1 or 2 table satellites. I figure some probably are with the wsop coming soon. Any recommendations? What are the typical buy ins and structures like?
  5. I was assuming Jim was one of the blinds, not limp raising. If he limp raised you, a fold is probably the right call. If hes in the blind and has a ton of chips, he probably has some sort of hand and thinks youre stealing. Odds are he doesnt have AA or QQ. Because this is turbo style tournament and you have to finish top 2, and you bet 20% of your chips already, i think its time to gamble.
  6. You have to either win or come in the top 2 i assume and because the blinds are going up quickly, I think you have to take some chances and play aggressively and risk some coin flip situations. That said, for scenario 2. This is a guy who is very aggressive and also may think you are blind stealing. You are most likely a coin flip and theres a chance you have him dominated. Its a little early but I would probably still push here. If you win, youre a big stack and can start pushing people around.
  7. You push all in!! Put the pressure back on them. Odds are they fold. If they have a small pair, they have a very difficult decision and you are at worst a coin flip. If they call you with AQ or AJ, you most likely double up. Stop and go is not the right move here. Why let them see a flop and let them hit their hand? Stop and go would be the move if you are the small stack and they are going to call regardless if you go all in preflop. If you stop and go and they miss, you then have a chance they fold.
  8. Ive had a couple of losing streaks of about 5 games. It will happen occasionally. You will get your money in with the best of it and lose and come in 4th etc, but if youre going through losing streaks longer than that, you may want to drop down to the lower limits or reevaluate your game. Ive currently placed 1st 4 in a row, which Ive never done before. Kind of wishing I had been playing those double shootouts to qualify for the world series.
  9. Although I will probably focus on trying to qualify online, I am also considering some AC trips to enter some of their qualifiers. Anyone have any feedback on their satellites etc. It looks like you have to win 1 or 2 table satellites to gain entry in a month ending super qualifier. Anyone try any of these?
  10. Thats a great idea. I think Ill probably do that. If I win again, Ill play. I want to take a shot at it, but it does represent about a third of my br, so its probably not smart. And for the person who asked, if you win entry into a tournament, stars lets you unregister for it in exchange for tournament dollars in equivalent of the buy in, which can be used for any SNGs or other tourneys.
  11. I probably should build my roll a bit more and cash in some $100 buy ins before taking shots at the sunday tournament I guess. Thanks for the advice.
  12. Qualified for this sunday's pokerstars 500k event. This would be the biggest buy in tournament Ive ever played to date. While the inner voice is telling me to take a shot, Im thinking the better percentage play would be to parlay the tournament dollars into 1 or 2k playing sngs and also enter some more $20-$100 mtts. Im leaning towards saying screw it and just going for it and taking a shot. Tough call though. What would you do?
  13. Pretty amusing that Daniel ranked McEvoy lower than Varkoni, haha. Talk about lack of respect. McEvoy may have gotten lucky when he won it but Varkoni is a total fluke.
  14. A great way to play it in your home game is to play fixed limit h/l split but allow people to trade a card at the end for a certain amount. Great game.
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