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  1. your the best ever Daniel don't listen to these haters
  2. It's funny that everyone is talking about 4BB as a place for strategy when it's actually just a place where people make fun of Kurt and Gallo
  3. im here. Im the kid in the white hat playing the 1k at borgata tomorrow.-vtlaxer on tremomey's comp
  4. Here are my notable hands from yesterday. Started day with 45k. Won 6 out of first 10 hands without showdown, mostly just taking the blinds to get up to around 55k. Blinds are 250/500/50. Asian guy one to my right makes it 2200, I call with 99 otb, bb calls. Flop Q95dd ch to me I bet 4250, BB makes it 11.5 I put him in for 20 more he has 55. I win. First set I've flopped all tourney and it happened to be set over set.. nice.. so I'm up to around 88k.Raise K9o otb Philip Tom calls in SB. Flop K43dd he ch i ch turn Qo he bets 2200 i call river 2d he ch/ timebank calls 4300 with 34o. Raise two ha
  5. Nice TR buddy.. however I would like to mention that I actually didn't lose CCR the morning we had breakfast at Grand Lux.. Mr. Dog paid for that one.
  6. Well every game plays bigger when you play in it and try to checkraise bluff all in on the river every hand duh
  7. Trevor finished 6th for $12,180...he thanks you all for your support
  8. I'm at table 75 seat 7.Chris, I'll shoot you some text messages throughout the day to let you know how things are going
  9. Event 1 will likely get a ridiculous turnout so I'm playing that..might play a 500 or 1k but not sure yet
  10. I can't say I have.. they have such an extensive menu its hard to try everything. I will give them a shot in about 10 months.
  11. Feb Results...+250 donkaments+400 Rakeback=$15,797
  12. So aussiedonk and I have made a weight loss bet. I am putting the terms here for everyone to see:$500 betTreMomey's goal is 20 lbs.Aussiedonk's goal is 22 lbs. Finish date: May 28thIf both TreMomey and Aussiedonk reach their goals by this date no money is exchanged. If one of them reach their goal and the other does not, the loser pays the winner $500. If both of them do not reach their goal, they both donate $500 to a charity of their choosing. On July 14th, both TreMomey and Aussiedonk will weigh in again and if their weight is any more than 5 lbs. over their ending weight on May 28th then t
  13. Understandable. Actually I probably ate wayy wayyy worse from Jan 1st until like last Monday. I just didn't eat at any fast food places or chain restaurants but I found my ways to eat deliciously horrible food
  14. Hey Ray (troyomac not Rdog haha) you wanna do some sort of weight loss bet? We can start it like sometime this week and end it the first day we get to Vegas or something. We can set it up so we both have goals of a weight to get to and if we both get there we owe nothing. If one of us gets there and other doesn't obv the one that gets there wins and if we both don't get there we donate to charity. I have to weigh myself again because I've been working out and eating better the last week but like two weeks ago I was 243.
  15. Congrats Matt.. the ring pop was a nice touch and probably only set you back a 1/4 of a blind. Good investment imo
  16. Run good music of the day.. listen to it over and over and you will prosper.I'M AN EDUCATED FOOL WITH MONEY ON MY MIND!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxF-ImXaUdE
  17. Thanks.. haha yeah anytime she gets out of the bath tub I try to shape her hair into a mohawk.. pics of the true mullet when you do it imo!
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