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  1. didn't look thrilled to be on camera.EDIT: yes, the broadcasters noted his presence.
  2. League ID#: 233267League Name: OnA Pest League/RnF Noon - 3Password: supergrassCustom League URL: http://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/onapestleagueSeason Type: FullDraft Type: Live Draft Draft Time: Sun Mar 30 11:45am CDT [ Add to My Calendar ] Max Teams: 12Scoring Type: Rotisserie Player Universe: All baseball Max Moves: No maximum Max Trades: No maximum Trade Reject Time: 2 Trade End Date: August 10, 2008 Waiver Time: 2 days Can't Cut List Provider: Yahoo! Sports Trade Review: League Votes Post Draft Players: Follow Waiver Rules Max Games Played: 162 Max Innings Pitched: 1250 Week
  3. cost is free. not a keeper league. yahoo.com, online, obv. stats are pretty standard for fantasy baseball. give me your e-mail and i will send an invite.
  4. hey guys, my brother is doing a fantasy baseball league, we have 6/12 teams and the draft is sunday before noon. e-mail loadedtoygun@aol.com or respond to this thread for any questions. we need people who won't drop out and leave dead teams mid-season so, if you are interested, by all means join up.
  5. i understand, but i wonder what the reasoning for that was on his part. is there a strategic advantage, maybe showing you are playing tight by laying down a big A up front?
  6. so...when grizzle flipped his cards faceup under his hand (A9 or AT, i believe), then mucked preflop, then said "oops" like it was a mistake, then nbc showed a replay...what was the point?
  7. i always heard "a rich man doesn't have to say he's rich".
  8. thanks for your help. usually you have to sift through 20 posts of hilarious internet comedy and funny pictures before you get your question answered, and this time was no exception.
  9. ok, let me just hit the "pay taxes" button on full tilt...how do you know i don't? i'm just saying i don't want my money caught up in limbo and scared that my preferred withdrawal method was kaput.
  10. well, then transfer went through, mywebatm.com now leads to google, and mywebatmcard.com is the homepage. very, very strange...but i think everything is ok.
  11. **** it. nothing's going to get accomplished tonight. i'll see what is up tomorrow. it seems you can get around all this by going to mywebatmcard.com, and i have only been using this since may, so i couldn't have claimed it on my taxes anyway.
  12. does anyone know how to cancel a withdrawal on FTP? can you just send the cashier an e-mail? it doesn't seem there is an easy way to accomplish this using the client.
  13. ok haha big laughs. anyway, does anyone have anything useful to add? perhaps people that use mywebatm?
  14. so i cashed out a hundo today, and notice it takes an abnormally long time to process. i leave for a few hours, come back to check my balance, and i get redirected to the IRS' website. um, wtf. and...holy shit. is this their way of saying we are screwed if we try to use this method of cashing out???
  15. it was quite fun. i had never played it before but it was quite a bit like chinese. plus i crushed it.
  16. here's the deal. you get an hour to play with 500 "credits" (in my case, u.s. dollars). after playing 15 minutes of blackjack (which, i swear to god, the dealer did not get a ten, nine, or ace, 3 times in about 65 hands), i took my 360 credits to the pai gow poker table, and built it up to 1300 (after making quads and a few full houses with a max bet on bonus). then i tricked it off to about 800 and lowered my bets to make it $920 at the end of the hour.so i'm thinking new ipod.unfortunately, while the customer service rep did say i had to deposit $50 and the profit would be mine, you have to
  17. maybe it just doesn't show up on my browser..i'm using opera.edit: nope, all i see is daniel's book on internet explorer.
  18. forgive my ignorance, but which ad are you talking about?
  19. yeah, i searched for hitler and didn't get any results. oh well.
  20. effing genius.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6qc_QRy6B4
  21. well, she posted a bulletin, otherwise i wouldn't have known.
  22. per her myspace.man she has an awful taste in music.
  23. why in god's name would you play high stakes online heads up with phil effing ivey? sbrugy is good, but there has to be easier money out there...this is just a suicide mission.
  24. this guy knows less about poker than i do.lol @ norman chad: "is this the most poker the lord has watched over?"
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