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  1. I don't farm.. and I like things to actually happen. I set my standards high.. I know. Regina's a dump, too.. Saskatoon > Regina.. but that doesn't say much.
  2. Emerald.. that place had the MOST house-sided games of all time.. it was ridiculous that people played that holdem beat the dealer game.. or that 3 card 3 card bonus game.. and the blackjack, like the dunes, is seemingly 6 deck blackjack?! I haven't played the other table games.. they all look like cr.ap.but yes, they're soft.
  3. I feel your pain.. it's all I've ever pummeled unmercifully. And the secret word wasc0ck
  4. You like MOOSE JAW?-EVYou think Saskatoon is BEAUTIFUL? Why? A river?
  5. I hate this place, it makes me want to eat things found in ditches..but besides that, the Saskatoon Casino.. located 20 mins outside the city on a Squaw Resort.. has the softest 1-2 dollar game on earth. All these guys that think they're good because they watched poker after dark.. and the 100+ tournaments are filled with old men that have no real clue, preppy over-confident metrosexuals, and a few strong players.. I placed 3rd half ****-eyed the last time i was there, raising everything .. another plus, the dealers aren't all fat or old or ugly.. or a combination.You can't lose.. unless the s
  6. ivey's already probably played in many more events than him.
  7. if that's bragging.. I can top that..I got drunk and fell face first into some fat woman's excess sweaty growth. +EV?
  8. How Daniel does so much for this game.. I'll never know, not just because I'm an aggro *******.. but because I just can't help so many people and not feel like I could have someway bettered myself..definitely not for the jews.
  9. when people talk about the greatest player of all time, everyone says Stu.. Doyle.. anyone.. Stu entered 33 major tournaments and won 10..yea, fields are so much tougher today.. or there's just that many more complete donkey dipshits..I think that's probably it.
  10. Chris Moneymaker and Jamie Gold are idiots.. and they donked the grand-daddy..people are jealous.. and rightfully so. The pokergods are cruel.
  11. yea, because Barry doesn't have 300k to burn..how did you ever figure out how to turn a computer on?
  12. I only play 10+1 9 ppl SNGs.. and 1-2 NL cash games these days.. I gave omaha up.. my luck doesnt match my uber skills.I'm moving to UB soon.. because of the SUPER TURBOS.. orgasm.you gotta keep money on PS for the PLO tournys though.. plus for the occassional MULTI-MAN SNG.. since UB fills up slower than.. uhhh.. something that fills up slowly.
  13. wow...crazy white kids shooting people. Imagine the terror, a guy opening fire in front of you with a shotgun? Coward.
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