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  1. Hmm..This could still happen..needs 11 in 21 games.. Maybe its best Auston take like 10 game slots off and just tears it up the rest of the games.
  2. Seattle coming in to the west is exciting...Personally more west coast teams I like as well. Interesting to see what happens with the expansion draft..Still have over 2 years for that, and it will happen after the CBA is renewed and hopefully no lockout.
  3. Just for proper perspective... GWC is an Avs fan and Bob is a Bertuzzi owner.. Both are right..
  4. The deal was reworked and Kapanen IS a Mustangs. Well come to the team.
  5. Exactly what it is. It’s an advantage to a team like the Leafs. I’ve read that Nylander will get close to $20 million in 18 months up front. Arizona can’t compete with that
  6. I am really confused as how this Nylander deal is legal under cap...Ton of the money is bonus and upfront..His base salary next year is like $700k
  7. The cap is going up $3.5 mill..That bodes well for us Leafs..
  8. Unfortunately Kapanen is not a Mustang..The deal was not approved by the league..
  9. The Mustangs would like to welcome Kaspari Kapanen to the team.. Official trade will be announced
  10. Sprong has been Sprung to the Ducks
  11. From Babcock comments doesnt look like Willy gets in by tomorrow..I could be wrong...I like to have him back for sure before the Bruins game.
  12. And also the Connecticut Whale..Someone here might like that name.
  13. I am a big fan of the name Buffalo Beauts...Womens hockey is good to watch..
  14. Flight delays happen regardless of airline. But a bigger airline is going to have more options and more partners to deal with. I think you were stranded because of weather no? I dont sometimes convenience is worth a few bucks extra..But its something you have to weigh especially when you are travelling with a family of 4 or 5 like we do..$200 a ticket can mean saving a $1000..
  15. Do you guys believe that +/- is a useless stat..I think maybe in context its useful but its a weird one in some cases. Ron Hainsey is one of the top guys in the league with a plus 16..While Kadri is a minus 8. And its not like Hainsey is an offensive dman, that gets a ton of points like Reilly. Matthews is a zero while Marner is a plus 10. I know it has more to do with matchups, but there has to be some validity in it.
  16. Carcone looks like he is a GTA boy from Ajax..He scored a lot in the Q, but so do a lot of others. Probably an AHL guy with limited chance to make the big club.
  17. Correct..Needed the roster spot for Nylander..We werent sending Dermott to Marlies..Holl and Marincin would of had to clear waivers..Which they would of been claimed probably
  18. Just a heads up, one of my facebook friends posted this: This is what you get when you give the new “low cost” airline a chance. Swoop cancels flights all over Canada today and we sit here (in Vegas mind you - could be worse) after a 12 hour delay which they finally cancelled last minute. No communication, nobody at their call centre on Sundays, just a whole lot of shitty experience. No idea how/when we are getting home and we have a 6 year old that needs us back.
  19. Looks like a trade is pending. Dermott being loaned to the Marlies to free up a spot for Nylander. He is waiver exempt. He has played well and most likely will stay with the Leafs Looks like a bottom end forward will be traded. Speculations are it’s Leivo.
  20. Big win for Fresno State. They will get a decent bowl. Unfortunately since UCF won the Fiesta Bowl isn’t happening. The bigger the bowl the more money
  21. Berger in full troll mode again: “Nylander signs 6 yr $41.4 million. Trade is coming next”
  22. Will Marc Savard take over Friedman’s job now?
  23. So a $25 million signing bonus and a cap hit of $10.5 for this year
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