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  1. True so hows it going for you? you still at $.02/.05?oh by the way like the pic of obama and you very cool!!!!!
  2. Friedman It was wrong to acuse him about it but, it made for some good T.V. Bro.He was ready to kill you bro damn I thought he was gonna cry!Your a good poker player, but you should have just left it be if your were right or not. Take Care man L8r.
  3. Your right about this good post, good story. Its good to see heart warming stories like this,Poker players out there showin the good side of poker unlike these idiots and the lawsuit.Way to go Daniel and ESPN I like the way ESPN does thier poker shows simply the best.
  4. They think they are doin it for the good of the players but if it is really for the players why is there not more than 7 players suing. Cmon if it were a real issue to have a lawsuit there would be a hell of alot more than 7 players suing. Its all just laughable to me I just hope they don't do so much damage that the Government gets involved. Until recently the government for the most part has been out of the poker world all together. But with these online bills banning online poker in the books its hard to say how far they will go. Take CareKOON$Y
  5. I totally agree with you Daniel the players that are doin this are idiots. They are gonna give poker a black eye hopefully they wake up and decide not to move forward but it dosen't look like that will happen. Oh by the way this thread that supposedly is suppose to be Raymer bad mouthin you I would try to confirm this before doin anything harsh. Take care Koonsy!!!
  6. He is a good player who has fun I really like him. Cmon hes livin a dream just playn cards what else can you ask for.
  7. Yeah the field is Ginourmous 1st place should pay over 11 Mill WOW!
  8. I really like it, its well thought out but will it ever make the light of day hopefully the players will have a say in what goes on next year. After all thats happen this year I think Harrah's should hear us out. Its good Daniel has stepped up and presented what is wrong with the WSOP. Good job Daniel!Proposed 2007 WSOP Schedule20 Jul 2006 Without further adieu, here is what I would propose:Day # Buyin Game (Noon) Time Buyin Game 1 $1,500.00 No Limit Hold'em 2 $1,500.00 7 Card Stud 3:00 PM $2,000.00 H.O.R.S.E (super satellite) 3 $2,500.00 No Limit Hold'em 3:00 PM $2,000.00 H.O.R.S.E (super sat
  9. He played in the pot limit holdem event instead he's chip leader with 22,000 go to cardplayer.com for more info.
  10. Sounds to me Daniel like the organizers of the events just wake up on a daily bases and say alright what tourneys are we having today. This issue with the shootout WOW!!! what are they thinking if harrahs can't run the damn tourneys how there suppose to be run they need to hand the WSOP back over to the Horseshoe because these kind of things didn't happen when Binnions was running things.So if they don't refund your buyin you should report them to the gaming commision they are just not making sense.Your also right about the Prestige right now its just a joke they use to mean that you were the
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