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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAPPY!!!!!!!!!hope you have an awesome day!!<3<3<3
  2. I don't know where to start my response to this thread, but this seemed the most logical.....VH, although I <3 sammy hagar, i thought they were better with DLR. But i was an Eddie fan, so it didn't really matter as long as he was still sexy. The music of vanhagar wasn't as good as van halen, but not so bad that i would stop being a fan.For me rush could record the national anthem played on an acordian and i would probably love it. I'm a big rush fan. It's true, they did progress closer to "mainstream" through the 80's and even into the 90's, but their idea of "typical" is still pretty m
  3. I really didn't mind the washburn trade at all. They didn't give up much (compared to what TO was asking for RH) I don't think French is gonna be the next Smoltz, although i'm hoping Washburn does the same thing Alexander did in 84.I was super impressed with Porcello last night, he definately made the nay-sayers question themselves and I believe this kid has a very bright future. I'm happy the tigers are looking to keep him long term instead of using him as a bargaining chip to aquire an old guy who might have a couple years left.I agree with the hitting thing, we really need a bat in the li
  4. I don't think there is any solution you can immediately apply that will help you win this bet. It's like any sport, because you've seen someone who knows how to do something well do something, doesn't mean anyone can do it. There are even a ton of well paid pro outfielders that have to use the cut off man when trying to make a play at the plate. Not everyone has the ability to throw a bullet from the outfield to home plate, and these are athletes that make millions of dollars a year to play the game. Chances are, your buddy knows what he's doing and figures that he can outthrow you probabl
  5. the easiest would be whatever little packets you have stored in your fridge from your last visit to McD's, but if you're out, ranch dressing is good. I also always have an array of bbq sauces in my fridge that seem to work pretty well too. In this case a honey garlic is recommended.
  6. I don't eat fries, well not from drive thrus, i find they are always cold and gross. I've tried every tactic for hot fresh fries, but somehow they are always soggy and gross by the time i actually get to eat them. i've turned to nuggets to get my grease fix, a 20 piece with a big mac works well. Everytime i've tried this at wendy's my nuggets are cold and soggy too, with extra chewy pieces on the edges. so McD's nuggets>wendy's everytime.As for sauce, at least one of everything, but i think sweet and sour is my fav except at wendy's (their's is too sweet, like some sort of jelly...but i
  7. you can't eat all the mcnuggets with the same sauce, you have to have variety..VARIETY DAMMIT
  8. happy birthday!!glad to hear you're feeling better!!
  9. OMG, i really miss u tons!!!<3<3btw, the billy madison reference had me peeing
  10. that's so nice of you rose, gl to your horsies..i have to go to work sooon, my weekend for closing
  11. alright, i will commit if you're still offering. i've officially got the 2nd computer up and running so i know there will be no conflict.rivergirl ---the fishy avatar and first letter is wi'll even download aim on this computer and spend a sunday onliine....or at least just keep you updatedgl to all
  12. if you're looking for runners, i might be interested....haven't played in forever (not that it would make much of a difference with the way i play anyway lol). if you're interested, let me know what time and suchmight even mean i'll make it online sunday.gl to your horsies, well, to you too, but you already run great
  13. when i go, it's always to play pool, so i guess i really only spend about 3 or 4 real days there (with the rest being spent in the pool room), but other than the first day (which i usually write off to time zone difference---i always pass out really early day 1) i pretty much don't sleep, drink alot and gamble everytime i pass some table form of table game. i still find that 10 days really not enough. i also don't get too many full days just to do "whatever". maybe i should try a meaningless trip, with no set schedule.
  14. srsly, i never could understand people taking 3 day vacations to vegas....we do 7-10 days every year and it doesn't seem like enough. With that being said, i'm planning on being at the bca's early/mid may of next year...any way we can maybe move the golf outing up a couple weeks???
  15. vvgj zimm!! Congratsnow you can afford to come to windsor and lose some of it to me at the casino!! J/K, but you can buy me a beer........well, we can wait till our birthday!!
  16. gl to all playingwandigo, if you're only taking one way trips, spirit is the cheapest way to fly. You'll probably be able to find return fare home for about 125. I just wish i would've seen this before you booked. You can only book spirit from their website, as i guess because they dont do roundtrips, they don't advertise on the major travel sites. (they do round trips, but they show each flight with separate charge) i just did a check, and if you leave on a weekend day it's 230ish, if you wait till a monday it looks like it's about 135ish. thats vegas to detroit. hopefully it helps.
  17. you're thinking of slots o fun....great cheap drinks if you can overcome the crowd. (they do like 50 cent heiny's and $5 yard longs) but it's been a while so that might have changed a little.i know the riviera's coffee shop/greasy spoon does late night cheap meals and i'm sure others do too. So if you're looking for good cheap full meals, not fast food, just change your eating schedule a little and don't eat till after midnight. (does binions still have the $5 steak after midnight too?) Some of the less pricey casinos will have coupon books and stuff if you do their "walkby promo" thing.
  18. if you're opponent scratches on a full table and you run a perfect game, this is a serious mismatch. The person who does this should not be playing against someone of that caliber ever. I mean this is probably something you'll never see....people who run perfect games don't usually play with someone who would scratch on a full rack. So maybe theoretically its possible....highly improbable. Like I said, it's not like running a rack of 8 or 9 ball, its just not something that anybody can do. And yes, i've seen some people run a rack of 8 ball where you're just dumbfounded cause the person
  19. When we used to be able to play (we have no snooker tables available around here anymore), we used to play with 6 reds, just to keep the games quicker. My hubby used to play league (they used full rack of reds) and you'd see a century break every once in a while, but not very often. I really doubt anyone here would've made a perfect break, and if they have, well they probably should be in the tourney. It's not like running a table in 8ball or 9ball....and yes, it's 22 including the white. I think you kind need the cue ball
  20. 22 but only for me cause i'm a girlyou'd need 24
  21. omg did anyone watch the King of Bowling on ESPN2 for the last 5 weeks??wes mallot (as poty was king) shooting in 5 weeks....268,258,300,257,300ABSOLUTELY THE SICKEST DISPLAY EVER!!
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