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  1. FCP for life. This fourm is an addiction just like this sick game im dedicating a majority my life to get better at.Better than you prolly sitting around eating dolla menu MickDs yo.Im trying to build an empire.like I said gl in all you do.slimfast for starts river girl no sw
  2. Seriously I could care less.This rivergirl fatass be whoever maybe not even a chick most likley a scammer.Ive been scammed so many times from internet personas' including about 2.5k worth of laptops.This is all im going to say on this subject.
  3. la la da da big girls don't cry.
  4. hahahaha not even gonna read what you typed you new thread nazi.yes I said GET AIDS !Hater.gl in all that you do./ignore user.
  5. bodog rocks.I will totally be on team bodog someday.Please don't laugh.
  6. Big time ballers have dreams of being the best in the world.
  7. A dream that I was at a final table for big bucks.The bad beat = I woke up and realized I slept through all my classes today ( not part of the dream )
  8. bump, any where to buy bodog shiz ?
  9. lol I was laughing at him posting his children's halloween pic didnt see that robbery post until now
  11. Steve will you teach me how to play poker ?
  12. And I technically do have an income becuase I guess I have a trust fund for when im 30 but can't touch it until then.sicklife is rigged.
  13. I was staked for a tournament and cashed for just under 2 grand but had to give the person everything I won.lol I did 90% +stakeback.... Just wanted to try and get the 1st place trophy anyway thats besides the point...I signed some shit and it clearly says I HAVE to pay taxes on it... I would not even care about it but my dad says he wont let me not pay it.Is there a way I can sign it off as a gift to my friend I had to give the money to OR should I file I lost more than this this year in cash games witch would not be a complete lie. And if so... How would I go about doing any of these options
  14. o sweet baby jeasus win this Ryland.Buy yourself some proactive with the mobnies
  15. Just shoved my mtt life with Jack 6 HEART BABY ! I HAVE THE POKER HEART !
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