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  1. Just make the 50k HORSE event the true "Main Event" and make the current 10k main event the "NL Holdem World Championship"Freddy Deed is the true World Champion of Poker this year, not Jerry Yang. I dont agree with there being a "World Champion of Poker" crowned when all they did was win a NL Holdem tourney...which is 1 form of poker only.Yes, the appeal of the main event is that they can put down 10k and play with the best and potentially beat the best. Do you think those same people could do the same thing in HORSE? Not likely. I know a lot of people will say "But most people cant afford
  2. I personally think most of phils prior blog was in poor taste consider how he titled it etc. Too bad some of chip's class didnt rub off on him.
  3. Ok. My argument looked a little weak so I guess Ill state a little more why. These are some of my beefs1. Stud events reduced from 3 to 2. 2. Stud 8 events reduced from 3 to 2. This really irked me. Eliminated the 2k and 1k and made a 1500 Stud 8 and a 5k stud 8. This one really irks me. I love this game and finally there was more than 1 event. I personally played in 2 out the 3 last year. In fact the 1k event is the only reason I stayed the last few days of my trip. 3. Limit Holdem events reduced from 5 to 4. I dont count the mixed holdem events in this. Also what is up with
  4. I agree with that too. I didnt see that they were going to do that with the HORSE trophy until after I made this post. However, the 50k HORSE event isnt part of what I didnt like. Things like doing away with SHOE and the 1k Stud 8 event just irk me. I dont know if any of you were at the series etc but the mixed events were like playing in an All Star event every time just about. It was a blast, even if I had to play in the tent quite a bit. I like the fact that I had to skip events due to having to focus where Im good. I had to skip the Daniel Invitational because the 1500 Limit was the
  5. Daniel (or anyone that knows)How much input did you guys have in this years schedule. After last years schedule, I was looking forward to another outstanding year. This schedule in some ways is a step back in my opinion. Did you all have less input? To me last years schedule looked like the players council put it together and this years schedule looks more like it was monkeyed with by Harrahs. If I am wrong please feel free to correct me but overall Im disappointed. I will say that I like the Mixed event, although I would have liked to see a smaller buyin version. I do like that there i
  6. Pro'sA horse event that more reasonably priced. The 10k mixed game even tho I wont be able to play.Con'sOther mixed events have been eliminated. More NL crapshoot added.
  7. I dont have to worry about a poker room rate. I just stay at the grand. Nice hotel and usually a better rate than playing several hours at cash games. I mostly play tourneys. I just wish there was more than NL and a rare smattering of Omaha down there. Of course thats my main complaint about Vegas.
  8. The vibe I get from that isnt good. I hope everything is alright with John. He is a very interesting player and person in general. Reminded me a lot of my grandfather and I am not meaning age, but more of personality.
  9. Daniel or anyone else that was at the Wsop and can answer,Was John at the series this year? I had the opportunity to play a couple tournaments last year with him and really enjoyed playing with him. I saw him at last years WSOP but didnt see him around any this year. Did he attend this years series? I dont see any mentions of him in blogs etc and as anyone that knows anything about John knows, at some point he will make himself known either by his play or antics. However, some of the reporting by certain organizations (not naming any names but Pokernews would be the initials of one) di
  10. I played last year in 4 WSOP events, 2 limit, 1 stud, and one Omaha 8 event. I thought the chips were a little light but the blinds in the flop games started at 25, 25 and so it balanced out to me. I saw that there was going to be double chips this year and I was like "Sweet" when I saw the announcement. I then saw the structures and was like "Well that sucks" In comparison there is really no difference in the structures in this year and last year. If this is their idea of more play, I say go back to the way it has been. This is no better.If the structures were left alone and more chips
  11. Ivey would be good. I just would like to see someone other than a strict No Limit Monkey win it. Chip Reese would be good and would bring a lot of class. Marcel Luske would just be funny to see as champion for a year.
  12. I have been playing low limit cash games now for a few months and do ok at the 2-4 and 3-6 level depending on the game. Right now I only play LIMIT games as I really dont like the swings in NL in regards to cash. In the sessions I win I cash out on average with decent hours rate in limit and at least double my buy in when I play omaha Hi Lo. Except for a couple of exceptions, when I have losing sessions I usually dont lose a heck of a lot. In most cases not even my buy in. Now I have heard when you have built up your bankroll or are consistently beating the games your playing you can try
  13. This book is great for Limit Holdem tourneys. Low level cash games....this book is next to useless in most games in my opinion. I hope to run across the people that play stud hi lo according to this book. While it it ok....I think it makes stud hi lo players too loose in some aspects, too tight in others.
  14. Play poker like the pro's is great for Limit tourneys. For limit cash games, especially at the lower levels, its not so great.
  15. The Holdem Wisdom book is already out there. I have a copy of it and am in the process of reading it.
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