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  1. Ok we all have concluded that Jamie GOld as a WSOP champion at the very least is "dissapointing" , so if you had to choose one of these players to represent the poker world for a year who would it be? I omitted Daniel in order to get a better gauge of peoples feelings..
  2. i want a marketing job? and a cheap appartment in vegas any advice on eitheeeer or links gratly appreciated..........
  3. Phil Gordon: 2.3 million reasons, and the fact I've sold 300,000 books, led more hours of tv commentary than any other pro, and work hard to help the gamePhil Gordon: no, I don't think I'm better than DNPhil Gordon: Daniel has a long history of attacking players that disagree with him. Annie Duke, Greg Raymer, for instance. I'm not the first player he's publicly chastized, and I won't be the last.Phil Gordon: I have business interests that keep me away from the table. I *choose* to do more business than poker. I'm comfortable with that choice. If that makes me less of a "pro" so be itPhil
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