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  1. I don't see this ever happening, regardless of how much a fan Daniel is. Too many hoops to jump through imo
  2. they have a poker site for people who neverwin? Wrong forum for the last 2 years I guess..
  3. I think you have to push here. I think its a profitable play in the long run, and I dont see him playing a good King & kicker like this.In the long run, I believe this is the most profitable play.
  4. I really have no feelings on this matter.Don't know him personally and death happens to everyone eventually
  5. On another sidenote, I have strep throat right now and it sucks big timePainful to eat or drink anything. Worst feeling in the world.
  6. weird, I dont know, but I see what your talking about. Definitely not me though. This is only account I have ever had.
  7. Im not sure what you mean. I only have one account.
  8. And Gator and I will resolve this by tonight.
  9. I agree to lock up, I wish steve would get on and confirm he has the money, cause I guarantee he received it sometime after this thread got started. It takes up to 24 hours, and he barely gave me 24 hours before posting this threadLock it up and they can post when everything has been resolved under a new thread entitledIOWAHAWK09 IS NOT A SCAMMER Hopefully they will use this title
  10. I was frankly a little suprised as well when I logged on today. I think I have been fairly good about communicating with the two parties although the funds were supposed to be done (which is my fault, although one was already sent), but I wish people wouldnt just jump to conclusions. I responded to all of there pm's and didnt just up and leave the forum.Oh well, like I said, Im accepting blame, but just wish it never came to this thread to get things answered.
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