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  1. http://www.thatvideosite.com/view/2079.html :lol:now the scary video. i know it's a repost, but its ****ing scary as hellhttp://www.ebaumsworld.com/videos/bunny_tapdancer.htmli dare you to watch it all! especially the ending
  2. i know it's a f@ucking story about the road to becoming part of the game. if you've read it, it does have some helpful tips in there. I know the book wasn't made to help you pick up hot girls way out of your league, but i'm sure a lot of guys could get something out of it.1. i didn't miss the message2. you're a f!ucking noob3. KYNbtw, i added the link on the first post of this thread
  3. i dont agree with some of "theories" like the peacock one since i never go to "Clubs" and i dont like to dress flashy/fancy. it does have some good points in the first chapter or two that i never thought about before I read the book.
  4. PM sent to MisterB and Troyomacbtw, if i wanted to spam, dont you think I would've posted the link ?
  5. how could this be spam? it's a free read to a great book. the file is in Adobe acrobat document, just letting you know ahead of time.
  6. 34 views and not a single request. it's a good read, check it out if you want.
  7. fixed!. thanks for letting me know
  8. http://www.picarelli.com/imagens/videos/sucuri_vomita.wmv
  9. when it comes to racial slurs, i don't consider degrees of severity.
  10. lol i don't get worked up. I just think that if black people could say "hey white-boy"...why can't we say "hey black-boy" it's the same IMO
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