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  1. Does Tilt give you money and expect you to register yourself?
  2. Mincashament. GG Sunday
  3. ITM on a short stack in the 750k. Need to make some plays soon
  4. 20,824 at the third break of the 750k
  5. 3,466 at the second break of the 750k. Need a double soon
  6. 5,695 at the first break of the 750k
  7. Dont forget that Bay 101 fields are both capped at 200 on the first day. If you do go, make sure you register early
  8. Sorry crowd, it will only be two. Calling it a day, which is my best poker day ever. 7,493 on a 41 dollar investment.
  9. Bah, I dont hate my shove on the end.4th for 2.8kTY all for the rail
  10. 4/9 entering final table7.4k for first
  11. TY for the rail guys.2nd for 4.6k
  12. 3/4 at the break.TY for the support guys
  13. PokerStars Game #25752076686: Tournament #144057037, $10+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Level XII (500/1000) - 2009/03/08 18:35:30 ETTable '144057037 3054' 9-max Seat #1 is the buttonSeat 1: rivernohelp (11420 in chips) Seat 2: unicum100 (35513 in chips) Seat 3: Dr. No Bluff (22330 in chips) Seat 4: 2bank4 (15146 in chips) Seat 5: Dave149 (11430 in chips) Seat 6: 4isis (10118 in chips) Seat 7: Sifu1964 (5726 in chips) Seat 8: leptichris (42428 in chips) Seat 9: J0K3Rz (29410 in chips) rivernohelp: posts the ante 100unicum100: posts the ante 100Dr. No Bluff: posts the ante 1002bank4: posts the ante 100D
  14. Out of the Double Deuce
  15. 5,050 at the first break of the 200k5,560 at the first break of the Double Deuce
  16. In small stuff, might play bigger stuff later. GL all
  17. Is it really that hard to find a cab in Vegas?
  18. Just booked my room for the week. Ill be playing the Wednesday event, maybe the Friday event
  19. Its looking like AC. I found a hotel room at the Tropicana for $33/night. Probably going to play a couple of the WSOP Circuit prelims during the week.
  20. The problem is that is an extra six hours of driving.
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