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  1. Dr. Mario

    Wine Thread

    Carlo Rossi Burgundy..Boom /thread
  2. Dr. Mario

    The Hideout

    It was the heeaaat off the mooment.. Telling me what your heart meaant
  3. Dr. Mario

    The Hideout

    you're cute... wanna cyber?
  4. Dr. Mario

    The Hideout

    caaaan you feeeeel the looooove toniiiight
  5. Dr. Mario

    The Hideout

    woooooooooooooooot party timeehave a good friday folks
  6. Dr. Mario

    The Hideout

    wow gg to your boss.i have an idea to help you get your mind off of getting shafted...BRILLIANT!
  7. Dr. Mario

    Hate Me Now

    ggfirst round was 10520
  8. i hope this was your 1000th post.could easily be the greatest ever
  9. Dr. Mario

    The Hideout

    hang, i love you thisLMFAO
  10. I've never understood the complete dealings with zombies.But anywhere you could hang out for more than 2-5 months as I don't see how zombies could last in a deteriorating body for more than that period of time. Such as a mall as in Dawn of the dead.. I would personally raid my local gun shop before hand of course. Not the best zombie plan, but I think it would be effective.
  11. Quantum "insert random word"
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