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  1. I can't decide if I hate listening to "omgz I can't hit a super-duper-ultra-mega-draw ever in my life" jamie, or "i'm the bestest at teh pokerz" jamie more.
  2. 5 folds preflop looks like full ring or 8 handed to me. I know it's old, but I just heard this and I think it's absolutely amazing: Not a RickRoll.
  3. Im trying to compare my results with different players/hand at a given limit in HEM. Can anyone help me set up a filter for that? the only way i can see to do it so far is to just keep changing the filter back and forth between different #'s of players in the hand.Edit: OMG, wow. there's a dropdown for it. ISAHEM.
  4. It's because his posts about how bad he runs always keep this near the top so it's easier to find.
  5. It's funny he hasn't noticed that everyone else has cards but him...
  6. FML. I'm stuck so much time and money from trying to hit something...
  7. Cause we all know that $400 is the reason you play on sundays.
  8. It makes me feel good that all the kids who are folding preflop in milestone hands will have more money to dump in our games. it does not make me feel good that I've been getting sodomized trying to hit a milestone hand.
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