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  1. A-1, unless I thought you were (1) pretty good at multi-barreling and (2) your frequencies wouldn't change much in a multiway pot, in which case 0-A.
  2. C/F most draw-completing turns. It's going to happen about 1/3 of the time, and yeah sometimes you're going to fold the best hand. But here are a few things:- If villain's bluffing frequency with air on the flop is even close to that, it's pretty much a wash.- You're not going to get double-barreled by air on a draw hitting turn as often as you might think. Once you c-c the flop, your perceived range changes to include more draws that didn't want to get raised off on the flop. So villain can't just barrel willy nilly. - The cost of being bluffed off on the turn is defrayed by the times yo
  3. Bet-fold is OK, I just think it is less EV than c-c, lead turn.The difference for villain in terms of how he can pressure us is quite significant if we give him the option of bluffing on the flop instead of the turn.- He can raise flop with as little as overcards or gutter draws, and then checkback turn cards he can't rep, or decide to bomb certain turn cards he can represent really well. If we make him do his thing on a safe turn, however, we've destroyed a lot of the equity he has with a decent portion of his bluffing range. The fact that he has position and a lot of options over two stree
  4. check-call flop, donk-fold a safe turn.it picks off value from his entire range on the flop. betting the turn then takes it down the majority of the time. any decent player can raise you on the flop with total air and bomb a ton of turn cards and expect to get a lot of folds, especially deep. but the vast majority of players don't have the stones to raise you on the turn without good equity, so when you do get raised there you can pitch it because you're really hurting against his overall range. plus when you donk the turn, you pretty much force villain into a stack decision, whereas when
  5. hi royallong timeif you think villain is reasonably good at value-betting, then i like a CRAI on the river more than a call.otherwise, i play it the same.cheersedit - just remembered you were 300 deep not the normal 200 for a 1/2 game. so just a CR, not a CRAI.
  6. I disagree and I actually like the way you played this, with the exception of the preflop 4bet size (a bit bigger as others have mentioned).The reason I like your river bet is that trying to use QQ as a bluff-catcher by c-c'ing here seems like a money loser. After you check 3 streets, your perceived range looks an awful lot like just a failed 4bet bluff, and villain will be happy to show down any made hand that isn't TP or better. Likewise, if he has TP or better, I think the number of times he decides to value bet thinly here >>>>>> the number of times he has something he
  7. Paying attention to the PT numbers is good but don't obsess or try and hit targets. I remember I commented on your stats in an earlier post - primarily what seemed to be the issue there was a really wide disparity between your raising and calling numbers, which really only makes sense if you're playing in a game where there is tons of limping combined with tons of calling stations. Your numbers should reflect adaptation to the flow of the game first and foremost. Raising pairs when it's limped to you is good. Raising with anything in LP when it's limped to you is also good, within reason.C
  8. i think stack sizes were large enough to call turn for implieds?flop7h, 6h, 3h,bb check, hero bet 22. villain call. 2 folds.turn10chero bet 45. villain raise to 95, hero call.He is the type to think he outplayed someone if its a cooler.
  9. The trouble with this is that after you 4-bet without shoving, you really can't fold preflop because of all the dead $ in there. So you end up in the same situation against AA/KK that you would if you shoved while not applying max pressure to QQ-/AK. And sometimes you end up in gross spots like this when villain refuses to fold QQ but doesn't shove it either.Against this villain, it's probably better just to call the 3bet preflop and play poker. Sorry if I sounded mean or anything. Not my intent.
  10. against a villain with those stats you should either just be calling the 3bet with position, or 4bet shoving (while mixing in AA and KK into this action). you're not folding anything on this flop that called that 4bet. just take the free card.EDIT - your preflop stats of 30/19 seem a little spewy to me. you're either open-limping (big sin) or just flat calling too many raises preflop.
  11. This is one of the best reasons to fire again instead of c-c.
  12. i don't think flat calling here necessarily signals that we have QQ+/AKdepends on how we've been playing up to this point, but with that large of a PF 3bet by tight villain, and given that both of us are deep, a thinking player also considers that our calling range might be wider in that we're trying to setmine ourselves.
  13. you make it sound like you figured villain1 was going to call unless you boosted it to something stupid, and not wanting to play OOP against 2 opponents super-deep, you just flat called here with a hand guaranteed to be i think i would still 3bet
  14. i'm trying to think of something villain called you down here with that you beat by the river. Kx is all I see.i'm trying to think of a hand villain has that's ahead of you that would fold to a bet. given villain's description, i don't think he even folds AK.
  15. you played it fine.you and villain are too deep for you to 3bet the turn. you 3-bet, it's gotta be to something like 200. that just folds out something like AhXh (that you're robbing some outs from), while forcing you to stack off to the made flush (you can't fold here if you 3-bet). in other words, a 3bet here that faces resistance means you pretty much guarantee that ~80% of your stack is going in bad. at a 100BB, you'd 3bet here because the ratio of your remaining stack to the pot size is a hell of a lot better.hand 2: bet the flop more often than not. rainbow and paired. not likely t
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