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  1. ....example...450 people start..45 tables..only the winner of the table advance..so next round would have 45 people....better explanation..look here....http://www.cardplayer.com/poker-tournaments/event.php?id=2280&writeup_id=278&screen=writeup
  2. finish the story...he kicked your ass? he started video taping? your friend threw up?and???...??/
  3. just got this from the new cardplayer MAG.....i dont think this issue will be out for a week or so....march 15...cover-hellmuth..special National Heads Up Championship issue..TEN MILLION LITTLE PIECESThe Promise of Another Matusow Adventureby Michael Craig I get no shortage of Mike Matusow news, and not jusr because he is my friend and I have written about him. He seems to generate an entire rumor industry, in which nothing is ever too reasonable to be false or too wacky to be true. Most os these items tend to be in the form of questions: Did you hear about Mike in Aruba? Did you hear abo
  4. i love it when they say..."i think you have me beat but i call"
  5. what are some of the best and funniest quotes you have heard from a poker table?well today i was playing live at casino....1/2 nl...one dude really sucks...calling big bets with second pair,calling all in with A rag with a A on the board...he must have rebought for 4 to 5 times in about 45 minutes..lost about a dime and left..everyone got a piece of the dude...new guy comes to the table and asks where is the ATM...guy to my left saids..........."He just left"ok..maybe you had to be there but the whole table was laughing...
  6. my wife and i think that dude ACE is gay.....he sang george michael and paula said some of my male friends would love you..and dude acts gay and he has long hair..lol
  7. it was just a good night..i think i played well and i hit some flops...same night..a lady folds pocket KK preflop...i think she played it totally wrong....3 players..first player bets 25 dollars..she just calls( i think this is where she went wrong) third player raises 100 to go...then she fold face up...the raiser just chuckled...looked like pee wee herman
  8. so i been down and out lately and havent played much...i didnt have that much spending money and was kinda busy with work... so i look in my mail and see a local casino gives me 25 free bet... so i go to the casino and i have 105 bucks with me...i know the poker room is running a 1/2 game with 50-200 buy in... so i take the free bet and put my own 25 cash on the table and play it..i win with a 18 with the dealer busting and she pays me 50 dollars..so i take the 25 cash out and play the two greens(25 chips)..dealer has a A showing but i look at my cards to see a blackjack..so i ask for even
  9. i hate singers at a poker table......i dont care if you have a great singing voice..there is no singing in poker...last night a guy with his Ipod starts singing ..Dancing with my father again....he aint no luther..he wasnt even black..he was armenian or something..the best part was me busting him and sending his arse home..
  10. here are my thoughts on live vs online..and why people play better live..1. the main reason is there are less distractions live.....no web surfing, no watching tv, no kids running around, no wife asking how much longer you are gonna play, no multi-tabling......just less distractions2. after a hour you might still be playing with the same 9 people you started with and have a decent idea how they play..online, you might have 9 new players every 20 minutes...3. there are tells in both games but it think the tells live are much better reads...how they bet(not click), what they do after they bet, a
  11. i like the way josh plays but i think he should always have his wife proof read his writing
  12. That is a jopke, and he may be a mrono, but you can't deny that he has all the mobney.(I'm assuming you understand the typos)typos and not knowing how to spell are understandable.........but cmon meng...
  13. you always hear of professional poker players with PHD or master degrees...or they dropped out of harvard or another ivy school...but i got proof you dont need even a high school diploma to be a pro(a successful pro player)................read this.........When Angela and I were in the Vegas airport, we ran into a bunch of people we knew. First we saw the Man in Black...no guys, not Johnny Cash, the Man in Black of this era is none other than Phil Hellmuth himself. We stopped and had a nice chat about a few different things and it was actually nice to catch Phil with his guard down. He didn’t
  14. wow...there's a couple at my homegame that does that exact same thing...as long as they're the only two in the pot they check it down so that they don't fight about getting outplayed...but they're both donkeys, so whateverthe girl in your avatar......is it me or is the panty too big..its covering her who a55
  15. EwwwwwwLOL...Exactly what I was thinking...Ewwwwwwwww.mimi tran and kathy leibert...??? then whats that?
  16. is kathy leibert a lesbian?is she married?
  17. Shannon Elizabeth hangs out with "Mr. 1.4" a lot, dont know if they're going out, but theres your celebrity gossip for the day.who?
  18. there are no GAY pro players out there
  19. how does a guy like phil laak get to bang a girl like jennifer titty....i mean tilly
  20. what are some of the poker couples in the past or present??daniel and Evelyn Ng were togetherEvelyn Ng use to date Adam SchoenfeldTodd brunson and jennifer harmon datedjennifer and marco are marriedanymore......???i know they are brother and sister.....but ..did anyone see annie duke STADDLE hug her brother howard after she won that bracelet? who straddle hugs their brother?
  21. i dont think he is married or has a child...he does have a niece....the games in vegas are so soft and filled with fishes that even if he went broke..he could grind it out in low limit and get it back......its not like he went to a roulette wheel and put the whole thing on black...he saw a soft game with a guy his style fits and went for it...its not like he gonna call with AK with a K on the board for all his money...he is gonna wait for a big hand...its a calculated risk...you guys have to give him alittle for credit then thinking he would go broke so easy...
  22. thanks...but i never play with money i cant afford to lose
  23. actually......i have done well at the poker tables....totally different at the poker tables....
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