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  1. It didn't matter though? His pair of kings had you dominated anyway.
  2. I was at the final table in a multitable at UB the other night. Here are the logs of the game:Hand #6717019-25 at Sat2amB-Final (No Limit tournament Hold'em)Powered by UltimateBetStarted at 25/Jun/05 05:56:48hehatemet00 is at seat 0 with 100420.Para64 is at seat 1 with 74680.jjloved is at seat 3 with 63740.viejascorey is at seat 5 with 43620.SilentRiver is at seat 6 with 42745.towery is at seat 7 with 140765.mercenary15 is at seat 8 with 60765.ukulele is at seat 9 with 4265.The button is at seat 6.hehatemet00 posts ante (400).Para64 posts ante (400).jjloved posts ante (400).viejascorey posts a
  3. I was only sharing a bad beat... like the forum reads. So go ahead and continue bashing my play, all you want. Go right ahead. I was shortstacked and was just making a move on the pot there. Yes I could have done it preflop, but that in no way matters to this thread.
  4. No, I think he was muted. He didn't say anything all tourny. And I didn't see it as being a terrible play since with the combo of antes and blinds I wouldnt last another round around the table. Also, my table constantly went 4-5 to the flop. Of course if I get a call I assume I'm beat, but I wasn't planning on getting a call.
  5. Sitting with 20 players in the 20+2 multi shortstacked. I take a free flop in the big blind with pocket 3s. The small blind continues his aggressive play and bets out (blinds are 400/800) after a flop of Q-J-9. I immediatly come over the top of him for my last 1400. This was a mistake. Two other players in the pot. Whoops. The player to the left of me called my all in, followed by the chip leader pushing his whole stack in. The SB folds, and the first caller of my allin folds. The chip leader turns over K-10. Great. Thinking I'm dead, I about walk away. The turn is a jack, followed by the ri
  6. I was at a little casino in Oregon playing a little 30 player, $50 buy in tourny they had there. I was with two other men who were of age, but barely. They didn't card any of us. One of the other men I was with started winning and another player demanded they check our ids. They refunded me my buy in and I went and slept in my friends car...but then I locked his keys in the car and had to pay 80 bucks to get them out. Karma I guess.
  7. I've never read any of his books, but now I think I'm going to have to. Any suggestions on which to start with?
  8. I enjoyed reading it, but parts of the stories about the European tour kind of bored me, but maybe that is just me...
  9. I look foward to reading super system 2. Thanks.
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