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  1. Uhhh if by green you mean simple, you misunderstand me. Im saying the Limit section is about the only thing worth reading.
  2. Yes he also called me 'ingnorant' for suggesting this was a bad idea... it was a pretty funny discussion actually. Well, not for him, since he was made to look like a fool.http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...2260&highlight=This one is pretty funny too:http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...2341&highlight=
  3. OK mathematically this is not a good deal. It is a mathematical fact. It cannot be disputed. For all those who are saying you are only paying 50c of juice, you arent comprehending the structure of the tournament. It is a shootout. Thats it. EXCEPT with each new table you have to pay juice again. THIS IS BAD. And whoever said step 5 pays out 15, you might want to look at the structure again. Step 4 pays out 15, but you pay 500$ to get in (+55 juice i might add) and 15th gets like 11$ (oh and 1$ to cover the juice for step 1... see how the rolling juice adds up?). This is terrible for the guy wh
  4. Its because most people dont take the time do find the answers to their questions which are readily available as they have been asked and answered over and over again. They expect others to go do the work for them. That is not what forums are for. That is what www.google.com is for. If people have legitimate questions, or offer interesting insight, they are generally not treated harshly. Others try to make themselves seem superior or knowledgeable (such as our good friend LIPOKERPACK) by answering questions in fields which they have little to no knowledge about. These people are flamed as a fa
  5. SS2 is available, at least in softcover. Check Amazon.com, or Barnes&Noble (sorry dont know their website and im lazy). Harringtons book is really good for anyone. buy it now. what are you still doing here? why arent you buying the book?PS i get rakeback from 2+2 for pimping the books
  6. Have you never played well and lost with the best hand anyway?many times, but i dont play games when i dont have the roll to play them over and over again. The best hand is the best hand for a reason: it wins most of the time. The whole point of having a proper bankroll is you can play long enough that 'most of the time' will eventually come. As for Steps being a good way for players with little bankroll to make a lot, survey says incorrect. This is a terrible place to put your limited funds. You need to win too many tourneys to make any money at all. You are much better off playing SNGs where
  7. Dont even bother with SS1 its junk now. All the 'tricks' are obvious to even mediocre players. Go buy Dan Harringtons book.
  8. Man... I don't even play these things, i don't know why I'm arguing about them so much... but basically like my last post... It's safer to do it this way... and you WOULD win more... if you didn't have the safety net of being able to lose and try again... but that's part of the draw to these, you can have a bad run in the end of one and not be out all the money, you have another shot... so that's what you're paying for with the extra rake.You only need a 'safety net' if you dont expect to well. If you dont expect to do well why are you playing in the first place?
  9. 1- These numbers were CALCULATED (not estimated) using Party Poker Step Tournaments. 2- Quite the opposite: the better you are, the more concerned you will be about the rake. Good players play to win money. They have a better chance of winning money than bad players. The more money the house takes from the prize pool, the less there is for them to win. Bad players, conversely, probably dont care about the rake here. They see it as a chance to get lucky and win 9k. They dont even stop to think about how it works. It is like a lottery ticket for them. Maybe they will win, maybe they wont. 3- Wha
  10. SS1 was way more useful 10 years ago when the concepts were relatively new. Nowadays, i can spot anyone playing 'supersystem' poker after about 1 orbit and use that against them very easily. I know what they have, because i know what they are thinking, because i know, word for word, the strategy they are using. SS2 will not even be that useful for an unskilled player right now. The advice on any given game will not be comprehensive, as it covers many variations of poker all in one book. For a player with an already solid understanding of the game, this book might provide them with several litt
  11. Also... how many one or two table tourney's do you know where you win $ in the thousands? If you want to do that you'll need to beat hundreds of other people...which makes it much more of a long shot.GoBucksIndy: read the above post, the vig is not the same due to the lower places getting rolled back. Suited Up: I know of many two table tourneys where you win $9000+. They all have buyins of $1000. They are called Step 5. They are on Party Poker. You will only need to beat 19 people. What makes it a long shot is that many of those playing these tournaments are quite good, and are buying in dir
  12. from the RGP archives:On the face of it, the Steps tournaments at PartyPoker don't look like a very good deal, at least at the lower levels. You are locking your money into a multi-tiered satellite structure where it will be raked every Step of the way. I haven't seen anyone else crunch the numbers, so for those that are interested, I thought I'd analyze just how bad a deal it is.The nominal rake percentage at each Step ranges from 6% to just over 9%. That doesn't sound too terrible, but if you start at the bottom with a $11+$1 tournament, your money gets raked 5 times on the way to the top.
  13. They are also great for winning money... i like to practice that.
  14. 2 things:1. Party Poker has had this for a while now... 2. They are big ripoffs. The rolling vig means that some ludicrous number like 45% gets taken out of the prize pool before you can win any cash.
  15. I further predict that they will then come crying to forums such as this one, with posts like "Why am i losing i read 3 books and still cant win even though i follow the advice in the books everytime regardless of any other factors that should influence my decision!"
  16. two things off the top of my head:1. Cash game play is much different than tournament play. Read some books, articles, or what have you on the differences. 2. You seem to think that 'tight' and 'aggressive' play are mutually exclusive styles. They are not. Tight refers to hand selection, while aggressive refers to the betting style of the hands you do play. 'by the book' poker is both tight AND aggressive. The best way to play cannons is to wait for premium hands and then bet them hard. Tight, and aggressive.
  17. I predict that many a moron will go out, buy this book, decide they are the best thing since sliced bread and promptly pad my wallet. Over and over again.
  18. KK is right. Besides that, this guy played his rockets terribly. i would rather have just checked preflop than make that ludicrously small bet, which should have been at least 3$.
  19. Agreed, very good. All newbies, take note. off topic, those were some interesting stats you posted at RGP on the 25-50 UB game. anyone looking for how to improve their NL game should draw some inferences from those numbers.
  20. #1 odds are statistics.I knew the definitions. You did not. Hence, the dictionary. Just trying to be helpful!
  21. #1odds pl.n. 1. A certain number of points given beforehand to a weaker side in a contest to equalize the chances of all participants. 2a. The ratio of the probability of an event's occurring to the probability of its not occurring.2b. The likelihood of the occurrence of one thing rather than the occurrence of another thing, as in a contest: The odds are that she will get the nomination on the first ballot. sta·tis·tics n. 1. (used with a sing. verb) The mathematics of the collection, organization, and interpretation of numerical data, especially the analysis of population characteristi
  22. http://www.recpoker.com/article.php?group_...6182&search_id=http://www.recpoker.com/article.php?group_...5944&search_id=paperback has a different cover than hardcover... that would explain the cover difference.
  23. LOL ok i guess my remarks were too complicated for you so ill explain them:I guess you dont have a good understanding of statistics huh? or poor education? Statistics is not what we are talking about. We are talking about odds. In loose games, people fish for cards without proper odds. This, in laymans terms, means the odds that they will get what they are fishing for are poor compared to the size of the pot. Therefore, you want these types of players in your game as they will miss more times than they hit, making you more money. You should probably keep your own remarks to yourself if they d
  24. Its big bet when referring to limit, and big blind when referring to no limit...
  25. Mr. AC poker pro, surely you understand how everyone trying to fish for cards is the best type of game to be in? If you cant beat the .5/1, you probably cant beat the 4/8. or am i just being "ingnorant"?
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