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  1. Wow... Seriously, anyone who has a hair up their @$$ about Daniel posting that he bought almost 3k on clothes needs to chill out. I just went to Vegas last month and I spent alot on clothing, am I bragging? No... Does this make me a lousy person? No. LET THE MAN SHOP FOR PEET'S SAKE!! Lighten up, if you made as much money as some of these Pro Poker players... God forbid you spend ANY money on yourself, then be kind enough to share details of your life with total strangers that look up to and admire you.What you should be giving him flak about is not stopping by Prada or Hugo Boss... what's up
  2. I'm Hispanic... and I don't give a flying kcuf...
  3. Full Tilt poker is the home of some of the biggest morons on the planet... "I HAYVE TEH POKIT SEVUNS... I NO TEY R GOOD!! BAD BEET!! U BEET MY SEVUNS!!! I HAID TEH PARE!!!"Then again, I have seen some talent there too. Still the moron to intellectual ratio is something like 653:1
  4. Know what the funny thing is? 100+ years ago, if someone was depressed, they usually just got over it. Now you need a chemical salve to rub on the problems of life and hope that they go away... the only question is... what caused the depression in the first place? It's not a chemical imbalance, it's an emotion that SHOULD be felt when you lose a loved one. If everyone was numb to the point of not crying or not being "depressed" when they lose a loved one, that's almost not being human.Let Daniel get over it (he will, he seems like a pretty strong guy), he needs friends, not drugs. He's feeling
  5. I wouldn't just raise the minimum, as it would only leave me with 600 in chips, short-handed on the button, I'm not going to fold A7 off with such a small stack. My move here would be to move all in.I'm back.
  6. I have mixed ideas on this. I think it's ok once in a very long while to limp with high pocket pairs in early position, IF you've been playing at the table a bit to know that the pot WILL be raised preflop. I think it's something you shouldn't do very often, but is something you should do every once and a while (depending on who you're playing) to mix up your game a bit. The only problem with that is, nowdays if an early limper, re-raises my raise, I will usually put him on a BIG hand... so I find that it's kind of hard to get the action you want sometimes.
  7. Slow playing kings with 6 people in the hand is like sticking your penis in an electrical outlet...
  8. Don't mean to be rude, but it seems like it would be easy to steal a pot from you after you raised it.
  9. So when I pushed as a shortstack with 55 and KK called me, the fact that I hit a 5 had nothing to do with luck??
  10. Damnit... Sorry to see ya go Smash... keep on truckin' man, thanks for the pointers you gave me too...
  11. Ok, Here's a legit question. Not trying to be an ass, but I just want to know, how did you get a read on him? What was it that made you think he was weak? I just don't get how it's possible from an online limit game. Then after he called you... what were you thinking then...? I'm actually very curious..
  12. I only play Doyle's now. The tourneys are amazing... Don't let the word out... I like seeing usually max of 2000 players online, not filled with raving idiot children like Full Tilt and Poker Stars.
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