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  1. Well, I am interested in already created (and popular) social networks. PPSN and TiltBook are working on Ning platform, but they are not the best ones.
  2. I have started making a little investigation. I examined a few poker social networks. Not poker groups in Facebook or MySpace, but separate social networks, such as Donkr, PocketFives, PPSN. Recently I have made analysis in my Poker 2.0 blog about blogging tool in these social networks, but I feel there should be more than 6 serious poker social networks in the market. Maybe you participate in some and can recommend to review?
  3. Daniel is in the news again: Full story is here: http://www.pokernews.com/news/2005/11/dani...u-wynn-part.htm
  4. Full story: http://www.pokernews.com/news/2005/11/betf...pokerchamps.htm
  5. I have checked this link. I did not find this site ugly and bad. :)Forgive me, but I do not understand this bad joke. :roll: Regards, Marius from PokerNews.com
  6. Pokernews is writing about the battle between Daniel N and Barry Greenstein:http://www.pokernews.com/news/2005/06/dani...e-part-four.htm
  7. I think the best tips on how to earn income from playing poker online could be recieved from these people who really get these income. Unfortunately, they keep hiding all the time.I am speaking about some kind of Player X whose income reports can be read every week.
  8. This is the story about Daniel and Wynn casino:http://www.pokernews.com/news/2005/05/dani...enge-action.htm
  9. So did you like or dislike Miles' piece?I think he could write better. Last writings of his were much better.That's my opinion only
  10. One guy bought these pills and tried them. Here are his impressions:http://www.pokernews.info/forums/poker-news/topic512/Not very promissing though...
  11. If they are going to remove this post, it will be very strange http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...opic.php?t=9493
  12. Folks, Pokernews.info and Noble Poker are again doing the freeroll. Everything is the same, only the date has changed - May 15th.Here is what Pokernews write about that:http://www.pokernews.info/news/2005/04/pok...ws-freeroll.htm
  13. Here is the second diary of mysterious player X.http://www.pokernews.com/news/2005/04/diar...-volume-two.htmDoes Daniel play online? Could he comment about these earnings?
  14. Here is an article about secret Daniel's pills. It looks like April 1st - Fools Day - trick:http://www.pokernews.com/news/2005/04/Negr...-clear-edge.htm
  15. I found an article about Satellite taxes, but only at B&M games if someone is interested:http://www.pokernews.com/news/2005/04/poke...the-law-one.htm
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