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  1. well, DN's next 5 matches are against BarryG, so if he could afford it he should make this bet, but it sounds like he can't and should hit and run, possibly put up 7,500 on the next 5, not the whole 15k
  2. Fake... he isnt really that happy all the time... table image anyone?
  3. Pfft... I lost with flopped quad queens to runner runner straight flush back before party had the BBJ
  4. min raises almost always mean monsters until way late in tourniesYou are ahead of any hand here besides 6T and JT ... personally I re-min raise and call an all in... If he shows down JT or pairs the board then tough luck, you got your money in correctly
  5. If we're playing NL Ill take the small pocket every time... implied odds my friend... Its pretty hard to get away from AK when you hit post flop, where as its easy to lay down the pair...Thus, any over cards or pockets will throw their money at you when you hit a set, otherwise you can fold
  6. Simple... 3 other all ins, if you win more than 25% of the time then it is a profitable call in the long runYou win 40%, easy callLike I said, if its bubble time in a MTT or if you have your whole roll at a table then maybe fold, otherwise folding is lunacyYou have a 15% overlay from pot odds to hand percentages... I call 100% of the time in a cash game... I call at any tourney where I can't run over the field, or after the field has been thinned to quality opponents. Not to mention that calling is +EV simply because tourney $$$ is loaded at the top. If you are sitting in the final ten, ITM
  7. Anyone who advocates folding AA preflop at ANY point other than bubble time in a MTT or if you're ridiculously under bankrolled should be shotYes you're 40%, but you're 40% to quadruple upWhoever said something about being better than other players... you may be, but unless you are world class, you will never find a better spot to get your money inAll you need to make this call profitable is 25%... you have 40%Call every time or be labeled a moronIm not Phil Hellmuth, Ill take my 3:1 pot odds on my 3:2 shot at winning the potNot to mention that people that move all in, unless they are Super S
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