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  1. You got big Thanksgiving plans now that you're all grown up and married?
  2. The Greg Cote Effect. I haven't listened yet. About the clocks...I do wish he would stop drawing so much attention to it, but I also hate how it can cut off some really good interviews. Before national, if an interview was going well they would just let it go where it needed to go and then have a super short segment next. I feel like they're limiting some of Dan's best work. So that is one thing that going national has hurt the show. I really hope the national audience picks up on the song parodies though. It would be nice to get some non-Dolphins ones. Just not that Ron Rivera
  3. Jabari Parker looks so good already. It's a little early to be moving Ender down though.
  4. BigDMcGee - 9 (Napa Don, iBeaver, Ron Mexico, Misti Blue, Tiltinagain, JubilantLankyLad, The Ocho, NickCave, InternetExplorer) Ron Mexico - 1 (Theraflu) NickCave - 8 (CaneBrain, brvheart, TommyGavin81, ShakeZuma, The Machine, Essay21, BigDMcGee, David Sklansky) David Sklansky - 0 NickCave somehow continues his Cinderella-like run and narrowly avoids elimination. BigDMcGee has been voted off the forum.
  5. She was actually part of the original poll, so I think that's fair.
  6. I'm considering changing my vote to avoid the double kill...
  7. They just kind of scare me is all.
  8. Everybody said the top group was stronger, but three of the final four come from the bottom group.
  9. JubilantLankyLad - 11 (mrfritz, Ron Mexico, NickCave, BigDMcGee, ShakeZuma, Dubey, David Sklansky, iBeaver, Essay21, The Machine, Napa Don) BigDMcGee - 2 (The Ocho, JubilantLankyLad) Ron Mexico - 0 NickCave - 2 (Theraflu, TommyGavin81) David Sklansky - 0 JubilantLankyLad has been eliminated. We're down to the final four, the Mt. Rushmore of FCP.
  10. Pitch Perfect. I concur with Ron that it is an enjoyable movie. Now that Tommy has spoken, I think it's time to close up shop on this round.
  11. Category: Raccoons Have Bandit Masks
  12. That youtube rabbit hole took me to some places that I didn't want to go.
  13. I used to have a Will and Grace gif saved for just the right time, but I eventually got rid of it because who would ever need a Will and Grace gif, you know?
  14. Maybe he changed his tune later, but it sure seemed like he was agreeing with that system.
  15. Jubi is getting smoked here, but I can't close the poll until Tommy votes. It just wouldn't feel right.
  16. Haha. Wait, is RoseyG... Edit: It is!
  17. And then Stugotz asked him how the challenger would feel beating someone, but not getting the win because he didn't beat him enough and Dan was like, "They knew that's how it was when they signed up for it." I mean, what the hell is that?
  18. The second part isn't off to a hot start either. Dan is arguing that in order to beat the champion by judges score, it has to be decisive and obvious to everyone. Stugotz is being the voice of reason wondering why simply scoring it the way you think isn't good enough.
  19. Why are those red weights so big if they're only 2.5 kg?
  20. I should end it right now with a 5 way tie and no winner.
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